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9th August
written by Splash

Title: Dragon’s Crown
Platform: PS3/Vita
Genre: Action RPG
Language: English (Japanese)
Company: Vanillaware/ATLUS
Summary: Well worth the money as long as you put the time into it past the slow beginnings.~~

8th December
written by Splash

Title: Oboro Muramasa 朧村正
Console: Wii (Vita port 2013)
Genre: Action RPG
Language: Japanese / English
Company: Marvelous
Summary: Yocchin playing more oni characters XD~ Kisuke 鬼助~
Despite being “RPG”, besides leveling up and gathering inventory, it’s mostly action still. XD; But the movements are so FLUID and graphics so PRETTY and music so AWESOME it makes the adrenaline I usually dislike fully worth it. Plus yocchin <3