written by Splash

Games I intend to play in the future (but that does not mean I’ll finish them or even bother reviewing them in the end)

This list will get updated when I have the time and feel like it, so if games from this list are already reviewed on the site, that just shows how not-updated the list here is.

Also if I feel like it I’ll list where I’m preordering the game :3

Intend to play as soon as released:
Switch – Fire Emblem Warriors Three Hopes

Upcoming titles I might wait on…:
-Digimon Survive (will probably wait for a sale whenever it actually gets released)

Backlog review? (played but haven’t made a page for them yet afaik)
-PS4 – Odin Sphere Leifthrasir
PC – Scarlet Nexus

Backlog (no particular order atm):
-Switch – AI: The Somnium Files
-DS – Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky
-3DS – Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
-PS3 – Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX
-PS3 – Time and Eternity
-3DS – Monster Hunter titles
-3DS – Kid Icarus: Uprising

Stuff I’ve pretty much given up ever getting to (it’s almost all otoge…):
-PSP – Koi wa Kousoku ni Shibararenai
-PSP – Koibana Days
-PSP – Princess Arthur
-PSP – Summon Night 4
-PSP – Summon Night 5 (played some and wasn’t too impressed other than the character models moving)
-PSP – Issho ni Gohan Portable
-PSP – Glass Heart Princess
-PC/PSP – Tokyo Yamanote Boys (Dark Cherry and Super Mint, I probably won’t bother with the other one)
-PSP – Koisentai Love Peace the P.S.P. Power Zenkai
-PC – Nessa no Rakuen (R-18, stalled mid-game)
-PC – Vampire Sweetie (R-18)
-PC – Koezaru wa Akai Hana (R-18)
-PC – Shinobazu Seven
-PSP – Jyuzaengi Engetsu Sangokuden
-PSP – Angelique Makoi no Roku Kishi
-PSP – Kanuchi Futatsu no Tsubasa (Kuro/Shiro)
-PSP – Are you Alice?
-PSP – Clock Zero Shuen No Ichi Byou Portable (I actually started this but the first hour bored me so I stopped again… :X)
-PSP – Custom Drive
-PSP – Vitamin X Detective B6
-PSP – Hanaoni Yume no Tsuzuki
-PSP – Moujuutsukai to Oujisama Snow Bride
-PSP – L.G.S ~Shinsetsu Houshinengi~
-3DS – Bravely Default (it’s REALLY hard for me to get into classic turn-based RPGs these days though ugh, I dunno if I’ll really even touch or just end up going back to other games in the end)
-3DS – Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven, known in Japan as Forbidden Magna (禁忌のマグナ, Kinki no Maguna)
-3DS – Puzzles & Dragons Z

Games I’m waiting for super discounts to get:

Future consoles?:

I’m not considering anything else atm, especially Xbox/Xbone… Never getting that.