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18th October
written by Splash

Title: Danball Senki W (ダンボール戦機W)
Console: PSP
Genre: Action RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: Level-5 (with development by Tri-Ace)
Summary: Cleared the Vita version, screenshots up! Also cleared the Ranking Battle on Vita. Details in the review.
Cleared the game on the PSP before I started the Vita version (in less than 30 hours)! Lots of screenshots and stuff up. My Vita version finally arrived on November 6 (and congrats Obama!! What a memorable day).

Grinding on this game post-story is a whole ton easier than Boost, which is GREAT. I finally can actually get characters and parts to level 200 without playing hundreds of ridiculous hours.

Just to clear things up early on, and I cannot stress this enough:
PLAY DANBALL SENKI BOOST (or Baku Boost) BEFORE PLAYING THIS GAME. Even if you’ve watched the anime, you should still play the original game first. The original game experience is unique in itself. I dare say the experience of the original game is just better overall at this point, even if W has lots of great new features to it.

Review for Danball Senki/Boost is here