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8th December
written by Splash

Title: Oboro Muramasa 朧村正
Console: Wii (Vita port 2013)
Genre: Action RPG
Language: Japanese / English
Company: Marvelous
Summary: Yocchin playing more oni characters XD~ Kisuke 鬼助~
Despite being “RPG”, besides leveling up and gathering inventory, it’s mostly action still. XD; But the movements are so FLUID and graphics so PRETTY and music so AWESOME it makes the adrenaline I usually dislike fully worth it. Plus yocchin <3 Story: Famitsu criticizes this game for its “lack of a climax” which can be easily seen after a playthrough. The story is over before you know it. See next for more.
Characters: Cutscenes are pretty short in this game, as well as characterizations, so I’m going to hold off rating either story or characters. The selling point of this game is obviously everything else besides these two elements, and for my personal taste, the seiyuu selection. Yoshino Hiroyuki as Kisuke and Sawashiro Miyuki as Momohime for the male and female characters you play… their voices are just hot, hot hothothothot. Every jump, every slash, every rasping breath is music to my ears XD;;; And the supporting cast is just as strong.
Graphics: 10. The 2-D shift animation works really well with this game. It looks like traditional Japanese art come to life, and it’s a good, refreshing take on graphics.
Sound: 10. The soundtrack is amazing and HUGE. A good collaboration of composers worked on this, including Sakamoto Hitoshi. I love the traditional instrument usage, and there’s a good mix of REALLY CATCHY stuff and really good mood setters for the emotional parts of the game.
Gameplay: 10. The big reason to play this game. The controls are so FLUID. And it really feels like a good arcade fighting game with nice RPG elements. I was a bit intimidated when watching some previews of it, but after going through the tutorial, I was having oodles of fun with it.
Replay Value: Not too much to do after beating the main stories besides completing dungeons and collecting all the swords, but with the extra challenge options and awesome gameplay, it’s always there when you need some good arcade-style fun.
Overall: 10/10. I beat the main stories of both routes in 8 hours each. Despite this short main story time and only so much more to do afterwards, I’m giving the game a full score because of how much QUALITY FUN it gave me.

I definitely recommend this for anyone who likes an action-packed hack and slash RPG where you can adjust the difficulty at will, and it looks and sounds gorgeous. For example, I would recommend this to people who like the battles in The World Ends With You. Oboro Muramasa is just less story and more action, so it’s all the better if you’re in the mood for that.

I’d absolutely love to see a sequel to this game with some more work into the story, because this game just leaves me so happily satisfied yet wanting more of it.~

Btw, the English version of this game also uses the Japanese voiceovers! Of course, the text is in English. There are complaints about too much being lost in the translation… and I attest, the translations are REALLY loose in this game. Also, it’s what you’d expect from how limited English is as a language, in my opinion. Anyway, this game is beautifully drenched in Japanese culture, so I’m very glad they kept the original voices for the English release for the audience to enjoy. The voices are beautiful /love

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