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9th August
written by Splash

Title: Dragon’s Crown
Platform: PS3/Vita
Genre: Action RPG
Language: English (Japanese)
Company: Vanillaware/ATLUS
Summary: Well worth the money as long as you put the time into it past the slow beginnings.~~
Characters: See Gameplay
Graphics: 10. Vanillaware’s quality is good stuff. Even if the proportions are crazy.
Sound: There’s not much to the story, but it’s narrated well and it really makes you feel like you’re that insatiable adventurer, constantly yearning for more challenges to push your limits. Good stuff.
Gameplay: 10. If you’re an action RPG/Beat-’em-up lover at all, you’ll find a class that is a liking to your style. If you don’t like the class you’re playing, try someone else before “ditching” the game. I’ve seen a sad number of people “ditch” the game because they found the Fighter class too boring… without knowing that the Fighter class is the least challenging. They TELL you in the game that it’s good for beginners FOR A REASON…
Replay Value: 10………… see below
Overall: 10/10. I’m throwing it this because it is just oodles of fun. XD;
Score is boosted up from 9 after crossplay was added in patch 1.04. Effing epic value.
As of the 1.05 update, the 10 score is only reinforced like steel balls. I thought Labyrinth of Chaos’s 99 floors was a decent post-story bonus, but the Mirage dungeon they added has thousands of levels, and they changed up many affixes to weapons to make the combinations exponentially larger…….

(Previously) Points down for:
-Personal distaste for durability limits (but this is implemented very well, I will admit)
-Lack of vita/PS3 crossplay (added in patch 1.04!)
-Occasional crashing bugs during dungeon chains (mostly fixed in patches)
-Most repetitive part of this game comes from the (lack of) variety of monsters. After you figure out the attack patterns of each of the few dozen types, it gets pretty repetitive indeed. Still, it’s an action game, so I can have more fun with it than any turn-based bit. (extra challenges are added from the 1.05 patch bringing in red aura monsters. Also, monsters behave differently in Ultimate. Giant exploding frogs and stuff!!!)
-Minor class balancing issues. People all bemoan how Elf got a big nerf in 1.05 since almost only KICKING will generate arrows during boss fights (Rannie will toss some in if you’re empty long enough, but…). It hasn’t changed the way I personally play Elf much, and I think people are exaggerating her weaknesses too much when they need to realized she’s categorized for ADVANCED players for a good reason.
Possibly a few other things, but the fun benefits highly outweigh it all in the end. Co-ops ftw!

atwiki (Mirage Dungeon)
Buy at Play-Asia

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