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24th May
written by Splash

Title: 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim
Platform: Switch
Genre: Adventure + RTS
Language: Japanese
Company: Vanillaware
Summary: I had mixed expectations for this game from Vanillaware but they very much exceeded overall!
Characters: Careful with this one. Not only is there a really large cast (aside from the pilots of the “13 Sentinels” themselves), there are other characters to remember, and even the pilots themselves will have multiple names for plot reasons. It can get VERY confusing, but as long as you keep your head in it, it’s manageable.
Graphics: Aside from the RTS side, the Adventure side is full of Vanillaware goodness. The details in the animations, backgrounds, everything… love it.
Sound: The soundtrack didn’t immediately win or lose me for a majority of the game, but in retrospect, playing it on its own… It’s nice! xD
Gameplay: Hubby’s one complaint is that everything looks very generic in the RTS mode. In a way, that probably has its reasons as well however… Spoiler territory lol. Apparently, some “re-balancing” was done for the Switch version–overall more nerfs than buffs however, making certain objectives more of a pain to achieve.
Replay Value: 10.
Um… I’m not used to seeing this much production put into a Vanillaware piece. I mean, I played Dragon’s Crown for over 400 hours, but you end up seeing the same things over and over in there easily still. There’s… a lot in this game. A lot of good things.

I recommend.

LIGHT SPOILER AHEAD, but at some point I will definitely want to rewatch the whole thing in chronological order.

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