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2nd November
written by Splash

Title: Tales of Xillia 2
Console: PS3
Genre: Action RPG, Fantasy
Language: Japanese
Company: Namco
Summary: Direct sequel of Tales of Xillia.

The original ToX was so easy to platinum that I started going back to Graces F and Vesperia to attempt to platinum those too, but those titles are going to require me extra gameplay/s. They will take me longer than I first anticipated.

Just got my ToX2 in the mail (11/13) and I ended up starting it that night! I got to the end of chapter 3 in just a couple hours… I’m assuming the rest of the game isn’t going to that fast. I do worry that this whole “choice” system is a soddy excuse to make the game seem longer when you replay it instead of actually providing more content, but I could be utterly wrong and get a pleasant surprise. Best to lower my expectations and then get something better out of it :P

Cleared the game with both normal and true ending, still need to get the bad ending in a second playthrough (I can’t bring myself to get a bad ending first time through and I forgot to keep a seperate save for it– Got that bad ending… Also, I found out recently that the bad ending is required for 200 grade points, which I find lame). In the end, I would pretty much say this is a gameplay improvement compared to the first game (which is honestly not hard to do). Mostly because of 3 additional playable characters, which provides for a much wider spectrum of link artes–and possibly more once I get through more of the post-game material. Story-wise, I generally preferred the first game for personal reasons, however.


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