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23rd November
written by Splash

Title: Switch: Pokémon Scarlet & Violet
Platform: Switch
Genre: RPG
Language: Japanese, English
Company: Gamefreak
Summary: Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse than Sword/Shield…
The bugs are hilarious. The lag is not fun. Speedrun oldies are all back. I still regret bothering with Sword/Shield and I’m mostly done with the mainline Pokemon games at this point, so I only backseat watched hubby play–aka suffer through the bugs and lag. Spoilers under the cut, but tldr spare yourself the waste of time and don’t care about spoilers for Pokemon at this point.
Characters: I guess they put all the audio budget into putting in an Ed Sheeran song when it could’ve gone into putting some voice acting in, or just some amount of effort in making the story more immersive, because it lacked any sort of possibility of doing that with how laggy everything was in combination with it.
Graphics: LOL obviously the worst part of the whole thing when everything is so bad already
Sound: Even weaker sauce than Sword/Shield was, and it took Pokemon Masters’s elite remixing to get me to appreciate any of the songs there. It’ll be an amazing feat to see that arranger do their magic on these mid tracks.
Replay Value:
I can’t believe they took out the option to disable battle animations in scarlet violet, even more glad I only have to backseat and not bothering to play this gen haha

Overall: 5/10. Yep, lowest rating I give to games on this site. This is generous in fact, as given a choice I would not have bothered to play it in any form at all, with how large my backlog is.

Uhh Koraidon is cute How To Train Your Dragon knockoff times, but there was just nothing actually satisfactory about this game.

The final story segment of the game was a slow ass laggy crawl in a barren, bootleg Xenoblade field with about 1/10th of the mon diversity

I’m so sad this product is coming from the most profitable franchise in the world.

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