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17th March
written by Splash

Title: Vitamin Z Revolution ビタミンZ レボリューション
Console: PSP
Genre: Otome
Language: Japanese
Company: D3 Publisher
Summary: Sequel to Vitamin X. The VitX characters show up in this in alternate hairdos and whatnot.
Slowly moving through various routes… I am definitely much liking the examination voice selections compared to VitX… 8D; No offense to the VitX T6!
Characters: I’m not personally interested in most of the new seiyuu additions in this game, but I may eventually go through most of the routes anyway because I like the gameplay/character gags enough to do so. ^^; And there’s a good amount of the B6 to go around in this game too.

Kenn – I love his speech patterns and the whole “SEARCHING FOR WAIFU” ordeal XDDD; It’s just too bad that his actual confession in the end if you get one of those endings… it’s not very convincing. There’s SOME lead-in to the confession, but it really didn’t scratch past the surface that it takes to get to my heart. /pif
Gameplay: Essentially the same as Vitamin X with different characters and graphics.
Replay Value:
Overall: 9/10. To be fair, even if I have more personal interest in the B6 than A4 and P2, this game is excellent in its own ways. I really enjoyed it as a game in general.
More later. Knowing me, I might move on to Vitamin X to Z before long though. orz

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