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19th January
written by Splash

Title: Vitamin X Evolution Plus ビタミンx エボリューション プラス
Console: PSP
Genre: Otome
Language: Japanese
Company: D3 Publisher
Summary: I started Vit X on the DS back before I had a PSP and was pretty disappointed at the lack of voices (they cut out a lot of it). Honestly REALLY disappointed, so it took me this long + more seiyuu crushing to find a reason to pick it up again.
Characters: I went after Kiyoharu for yocchin first /no1
Finished all the B6, although Kiyoharu’s the only one I have the appended stories for too. Dunno if I’ll bother with any of the T6.
Gameplay: Tsukkomi and Through moves whenever the characters say weird/off junk. Like gyakuten saiban objections the whole way through. It gets pretty tiring but it’s the main way to get the affection/grade points up.

The multiple-choice quiz questions get really difficult if you’re not a Japan native (me), so every time I end up praying for more questions from the English teacher XDDD; Although some of those English questions are obscure/outdated ._.; Learned some really interesting things though. And also surprised at how much I DO know.

I would have to say the best part about this game is you can work on any character route you want to and switch characters between chapters. AWESOME. Even if I’m personally going to focus on one character at a time anyway, it’s a really nice option.
Replay Value:
Overall: 10. There are just a LOT OF REALLY GOOD THINGS about this game and it taught me a few interesting things along the way as well. Might get into that more later.
Lalala filling the rest of this out later

Official Site
Screenshots (spoilers)


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