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12th February
written by Splash

Title: Uta no☆Prince-Sama♪ Amazing Aria (うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪ Amazing Aria)
Console: PSP
Genre: Otome
Language: Japanese
Company: Broccoli
Summary: First of a two-part sequel to Uta no☆Prince-Sama♪. Finished everyone’s ultra love routes!

Please for more combining of awesome composers with awesome voice talents \o/
Story: This time, the stories are shorter, and with whoever you pick, another character will also play a supporting role in the story in ways.
Cast is same as first game, except none of the members from Class S ever say anything. Pairable characters are the three from Class A, Aijima Cecil, and… Saotome. His younger version. He’s the unlockable route after finishing the other four.

Personal ramblings:
The routes in the order I played them: Cecil, neko moeeeeee
Otoya, aikawarazu tanjun de ii yatsu.
Natsuki, this sequel makes me realize you’re my favorite of the A Class. Double personalities like Fubuki gap moe /love
Masato, you’re fine as ever. XD
I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Saotome route. But I was at LEAST hoping Wakamoto-san would use a different voice. Did the producers not let him, or is it that he really can’t use another voice? XD;; Plus according to the website, his younger self is only 15 years old. With that heavy voice, it just kind of scared me. I did find it interesting they pointed out his similarities to Otoya, since I was thinking that too. Physical appearance and behaviors a bit. And then just recently, I remembered their actual relation to each other. My insides kind of died after that. XD;

Replay Value:
Overall: 7. I don’t have much more to say in the other categories since this is a direct sequel and thus most of it matches up with the first game. But… Unlike the first game, the routes this time are all pretty short. It’s what I expected, although I was still surprised at the filesize of the UMD. Must be that DDR engine taking up a lot of space. In the first game, each route lasted around “12 chapters” with each chapter corresponding to a mini-game at the end. In this game, there are a whopping 4 chapters for each route. Frankly, the chapters last about the same length as they do in the first game too. And only 5 pairable characters versus the 7 in the original game. Plus the music in the original game is better. XD;

Despite all the shortcomings, it’s a welcome sequel to the original game and it does what it’s supposed to do: give more fanservice and more seiyuu music with ElementsGarden’s awesome compositions. The game itself isn’t really worth a hefty price, but it was marketed with other goodies to make up for it.

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