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21st August
written by Splash

Title: Uta no☆Prince-Sama♪ (うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪)
Uta no☆Prince-Sama♪ Repeat
Console: PSP
Genre: Otome
Language: Japanese
Company: Broccoli
Summary: You enter the one-year program at Saotome Academy as a composer and have to work with one idol prospect partner with the goal of debuting after the year ends. However, the school head has declared that no romantic relationships are allowed at the Academy!

I’ve done all 6 + the hidden route now! Dunno if I’ll take the time to get the extra CGs for most of the “friendship” and “normal love” routes… anything outside “super love” route = less interest XD

Please for more combining of awesome composers with awesome voice talents \o/
Story: Besides the basic premise, what I particularly enjoyed about this game is that even introductory perspectives change depending on who you pick in the beginning of the game. Unlike other games where most everything is the same except what’s exclusive for your target’s route, the story is told slightly differently in each route, but it all comes together more when you find out more about each character.

Class A:
Ittoki Otoya – Takuma Terashima (genki tennen, rock star type)
Hijirikawa Masato – Suzumura Ken’ichi (calm traditional Japanese, plays piano)
Shinomiya Natsuki – Taniyama Kishou (super tennen/megane double personality, plays viola)

Class S:
Ichinose Tokiya – Miyano Mamoru (always level-headed and often mistaken for the popular idol HAYATO, vocal emphasis)
Jinguuji Ren – Suwabe Jun’ichi (playboy with jazz, plays sax)
Kurusu Shou – Shimono Hiro (tsundere shorty, plays violin)

Shining Saotome – Wakamoto Norio (school head. his personality in this is quite amusing)
Tsukimiya Ringo – Nakamura Yuuichi (Class A’s sensei. JUST LOOK AT HIM, WHAT DO YOU SEE)
Hyouga Ryuuya – Yusa Kouji (Class S’s sensei, ex-banchou)
Aijima Cecil – Toriumi Kousuke (mysterious and hidden character. He’ll pop up shortly in each “love” route)
Kurusu Kaoru – Kaji Yuuki (LOL twins with Shimono Hiro again. He’s quite cute in this.~)
Shibuya Tomochika – Imai Yuka (roommate)

You can’t really tell from their one-line descriptions or archetypes, but they’re all such NICE MEN. It’s like impossible to pick any options and piss them off like no tomorrow like you can in most otome games. Also, there’s more to each of them than meets the eye.
Lots of… twins and double personalities mixed in. HAVE FUN \o/
Graphics: /must get over weirdness of seeing the Togainu/Lamento artist (Kurahana Chinatsu 倉花千夏) do cel-shade stuff for an Otome game. But the CG scenes and such are all done by Production I.G. Very anime-like, although I could ask for a little more prettiness. XD;
Sound: super big 10! If the game itself isn’t much in terms of otome genre material, it makes up for it with its music. Soundtrack by ElementsGarden ftw. Seeing as the theme of the whole game is for the guys to become successful song idols, of course you’ll need strong music to go with their talent. I have to say though, ElementsGarden makes better compositions than any real Japanese idol song I’ve ever heard imo ._. Combine that with the seiyuu talent in this game = SUPER BIG HAPPY WIN. I wish Kaji could get a song too XDDD
Gameplay: Traditional adventure/visual novel gameplay mixed in with three types of minigames you can restart as many times as you need to get the S rank. Different from most other otome games, you have to pick from the start which guy you’re going after. The main minigame is basically DDR (it starts off very easy and then eases you into more difficult levels), another one is filling in lyrics from wordboxes (nice japanese practice), one is multiple choice dealing with terms of the music industry (advantage here because of my music learning background~). The latter two get repetitive after a while, but the DDR one is always a fun challenge to look forward to after the easy stages. XD

And my favorite thing about the DDR mini-game is that you’re actually CREATING the rhythm when you press the buttons. Unlike other DDR-style games where the music is no different even if you make mistakes or you’re adding beats to the original piece (like Osu!), you’re playing parts of the original piece with this one. I like that especially because you can really hear when you’re making mistakes and thus learn how to fix them. XD

During the story mode you can only play with the midi-mix, but in the extra mode, you can have the voiced songs to play along with instead, great option :D
Replay Value: There’s a lot to unlock in the game, and it is a bit of pain to have to go through each of the A class characters in order to unlock their complementary S class characters. And you have to go through all 6 routes in order to unlock the secret. But I found every character pretty interesting individually, so it wasn’t as bad as it would’ve been in most other games.

The secret route could be worth it all in itself, since it’s such a turn for the “fantasy” element after all these ordinary routes, which all have some overlapping story elements that get a little repetitive (the swimming pool competition, for example). And it’s a secret route for a good reason, because it involves each of the other six guys and their individual character storylines. My absolute favorite part (besides pairing up with a cheesy silky cat – I mean, Toriumi) was that Kaji Yuuki’s role gets a lot of yummy lines in this route. XD~
Overall: 9/10. The only thing I rate this down on is my pickiness for the otome juicy stuff. There was quite a lot of it in the game, but I really like it LONGGG, and this could’ve been even longer. This score is mostly from the catchy music, seiyuu combis, and the good selection of routes for the whole game. Each route is pretty unique~ And a slight bias for music schooling since that’s what I had a lot of during my youth as well. >_>;

This is my blurb for repeat: I told myself I wouldn’t replay this game on repeat, but I ended up doing so. And playing the practice music a LOT. Problem is I need to figure out how to convert my save to one workable on my current firmware (even MagicSave doesn’t work….. I went from 5.50 to 6.35), so I’ll figure that out sometime hopefully >_>; Will probably use Hellcat’s recovery to downgrade one of my PSPs just for those saves.

Screencaps (random, beware of bad crossdressing. 8D)
Official Site
Hard Mode
Scorebook S
Scorebook A
My save file with secret route unlocked



  1. onkeikun

    Tsukimiya Ringo – Nakamura Yuuichi (Class A’s sensei. JUST LOOK AT HIM, WHAT DO YOU SEE) <– are xDDDD

  2. Kouga

    I can’t see the walkthrough, I think you linked the wrong page.

  3. 15/09/2010

    Uh, I just clicked it and it works fine for me ._____.; can you read japanese? ._.

  4. Daphne

    thanks for the info and the walkthrough~!! but since i can’t read japanese, i just d/led your save files. =) they are awesome! i really just wanted to play the songs, so yeah haha. i was wondering – how do i get to the “extra mode” you said, where you can have the voiced versions of the songs? and also, there’s actually 3 save files it seems… are they about the same?

  5. 09/05/2011

    voiced version = pressed square button like it says on screen. Again this is only in the extra-> practice section, you can’t get this in game itself

    one of the files is the system file but I wasn’t sure which one, so just put them all in

  6. Daphne

    thanks so much! i figured it out shortly after. i love it! =) thanks so much for unlocking everything. =) <3 miyanoooooooooo~~~

  7. 09/05/2011

    :3 Enjoy!! mamoooo~~~~

  8. Nataly_Sleyter

    Ichinose Tokiya – Miyano Mamoru
    Uaaaa, I have to play this game anyway!! Just to hear his voice…
    When I saw Nakamura Yuichi I was very happy too, but what does it mean?!!! I see a girl! what the heck is going on LOL

  9. 24/06/2011

    Ohh actually this game is getting a remake (also on PSP) as well as an anime in the summer! I might not bother with the remake since I didn’t particular fall obsessively with any of the characters, but I’m really looking forward to the anime XD;

  10. Nataly_Sleyter

    Wow, the anime, really? This summer? And the name of this anime will be the same as the name of the game?

  11. 24/06/2011

    Yes, same name~ It’ll be produced by the studio that’s doing Ao no Exorcist and did Kuroshitsuji, although I dunno if they’ll use high end animation for this one like those two XD;;; I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun though! I think this series has more general “comedy” and music worth than otome anyway. XD

  12. Nataly_Sleyter

    Uwaaa, another harem anime! I’m waiting impatiently! I’ve seen at official site of this anime the date – 18.06, maybe it’s already started in Japan?…

  13. 27/06/2011

    I see July 2 on
    Maybe you saw the date for another release in the series XD

  14. Nataly_Sleyter

    Wow, anime is amazing, I’m completely in love with Tokiya, his voice is just OMG, as usual xD and I liked the voice of Natsuki (especially Tatsuki of course LOL), cause I adore this singer, he’s participant of Granrodeo

    Can you help me with .iso of this game? I can’t find it, I’ve already found another 3 game of this series, but I want to play the first one…

  15. Neospice12

    This could be pretty stupid of me to ask but after you download your save file thing what do you do? I’ve never played these otome games before so I’m not sure what to do. I just saw 4 folders and drew a blank.

    Ha ha, am I supposed to download something in order to make it work? I’m sorry for the overly stupid question of mine. OTL

  16. 25/09/2011

    nothing to do with otome games, it’s a using the PSP basic.. XDDD You put all the folders where you have your PSP saves in your PSP’s memory stick!

  17. Neospice12

    Oh ha ha ha I’m so stupid. XDD;;;

    Okay thank you for that. ^^

  18. 25/09/2011

    That’s okay~
    Also note those saves are for the original release of the game… I’ve actually just finished all the routes for the Repeat version, but haven’t put up the save file yet. Next time I plug in my PSP to comp ^^;

  19. es0805

    Hi, just wanna ask, are all the characters in the Repeat supposed to be fully voiced like the original? Cos I downloaded the Repeat version, but characters other than the main characters do not have voices… OTL
    Or may I ask if you know, where can I download the game with full voices? Maybe it’s just the problem of my ISO
    Thanks :D

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