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29th April
written by Splash

Title: Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari (最後の約束の物語)
Console: PSP
Genre: RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: ImageEpoch
Summary: (copy/pasted) Become the head of the Messiah knights and save your country from complete ruin. There is only one way to turn the situation around; activate the last source of magic by exchanging the Last Vows. Yet before you can use such powers, you have to battle the massive steel monsters that infest your skies and are killing off your troops and ordinary civilians. Create perfect strategies and be careful when you pit your people against your foes, because you can’t revive them once they die.

Everybody has a gauge, this determines the skills you can use, but if you use it up, your warrior dies. Use your power to protect your people and in some way, choose who to sacrifice.

Dark, epic and stunning, Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari has exciting fight scenes and brutal choices.

I had a LOT of reservations seeing the filesize (350mb uncompressed, 250 compressed…), but I love Kurahana Chinatsu’s art and the cast made it irresistable for me to at least try it. More after the cut…

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