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26th May
written by Splash

Title: Trinity Trigger
聖塔神記(せいとうじんき) トリニティトリガー
Platform: Switch
Genre: Action RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: FuRyu
Summary: What is with Japan and these cringey names dealing with triangles and trinities these days.
Anyway, some comments about the demo, as the full game releases September 15 in Japan:

Very very much a Secret of Mana clone with even the composer for it on board (Hiroki Kikuta). I’d still give it a try since I love the Mana series so much. Honestly, having the same composer is enough for me to want to give it a full playthrough, and seeing the 8 weapon circle ring clinches it hard lol.

I actually just played a couple hours on the demo currently in JP eshop, and it’s still going (I thought it would be over after this boss fight but I guess there might be some more stuff afterwards). Overall, it feels mobile game quality (think Dragalia Lost), but at least I can see getting a whole console game experience out of it, and local coop will definitely be fun. The original price tag for the game is on the expensive side (7,800 yen), so I would expect a lot of content from the full game.

Overall… well, it’s rare to get a good local coop action RPG these days that doesn’t force you to deal with trashy gacha systems, and having a new Kikuta music experience is very welcome in my book. Looking forward to seeing more of this and hope there’s news for a western release (so that I can coop with my hubby who doesn’t read JP~).

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27th August
written by Splash

Title: Bunmei Haruka: Aoiza Ibunroku 文明開華 葵座異聞録
Console: PSP
Genre: Otome
Language: Japanese
Company: FuRyu
Summary: Another company of few games excelling wonderfully on the game controls. Why the f can’t Otomate/Idea Factory/etc be this awesome with game controls when they have SOOOO many titles/opportunities to improve? …