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1st September
written by Splash

Title: Pokemon Masters EX
Platform: Android
Genre: RTS
Language: Japanese/English
Company: DeNA
Summary: Oops, another game I’ve been playing since launch (*cough* Singapore beta). I’ll be honest on how ironic it is… I intended to drop this as soon as it got uglier than it was from its debut, but now I’m actually playing it way more than Pokemon GO. x_x This is easily thanks in part to actually being able to do all the end-game content in a reasonable amount of time with my budget teams.

The occasional demand to go through the horrendous gacha system does happen. BUT… there are SPARKS and one just needs to plan appropriately to spark in every important situation, and to completely SKIP banners when needed. Main pool additions are easy skips (except for early game when I succumbed to a few personal favs, but there weren’t other banner types back then anyway… and May because the water setups are OP, even off-type), and some Pokefairs are full skip as well.

With 2nd Anniversary, knowing that they’re willing to do a Pokefair multi with a select is good knowledge as well. (Paid only though) If budgeted correctly, this can be done for a fair $10 through buying the .99 pack for 300 gems when they come up. Does make me wonder if they’ll do a Pokefair AND Masterfair select in the 3rd anni… oh my.

But I’ve gotten all the Masterfair units thus far. We’ll see how long this keeps up haha.

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