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15th July
written by Splash

Title: Inazuma Eleven Strikers (イナズマイレブンストライカーズ)
Console: Nintendo Wii
Genre: Action, Super-dimensional Soccer
Language: Japanese
Company: Level-5
Summary: Expecting big things since the game was delayed multiple times!
Screenshots up to the first “ending” are up. I’ve added my overall score and may fill in parts of the other sections later down the line… or I might just move on, because by then I will probably be buried in Inazuma Eleven GO 3DS. XDDD

I may expand the review a little more once I’ve had my off time from this game long enough and tried Extreme. But considering the few elements they added to Extreme, I doubt I’ll be changing my overall score.
Replay Value:
Overall: 9. My LEVEL-5 fangirl bias wants to give this the 10 for the bump. But I just end up telling myself I shouldn’t. XD What makes me bring the score down is pretty much… from how spoiled I am compared to the DS game series. Being limited on who I can perform hissatsu with, while it makes total sense considering the voice work, still felt a little restrictive to me. I also felt a strange gap when only a few enemy teams had their ENTIRE teams available (looking at Ogre and Dark Angel) when some other teams with just as interesting (if not more) characters hardly got to see the light of Wiiday. Considering this Wii title was delayed MULTIPLE times (the early ones ended up in complete revamps of the game concept to get to this final product), I just felt there was still the extra mile to reach to make it all seem fully worthwhile.

Regardless of the 9 score, I say it’s still a DEFINITE MUST for any good Inazuma fan. I got a Wii SOLELY for this game, although I did end up finding some other nice titles to play while waiting for this long-awaited title.

It still makes a good multiplayer/party type of game, and you can create all sorts of great inside jokes with the mini-games and so on. The nice thing about this title is that you can keep it around for years to come and it will still probably keep you entertained while you have it around~

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