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25th August
written by Splash

Title: The World Ends With You / Subarashiki Kono Sekai (すばらしきこのせかい)
Console: NDS
Genre: RPG (Action), Fantasy
Language: Japanese
Company: Square Enix/Jupiter
Story: 10 – What starts off as a simple concept expands into so much more… It’s gripping from the start, and it’s gripping right to the very end.
Characters: 10 – I loved pretty much all of the characters. Even the bad guys were interesting, and I rarely say that for any series in general. I know many are turned off by Neku’s emo in the beginning. Even I was temporarily. But the best thing about his character is his dynamic personality, and it’s just a shame to those who give up on him and the whole game just from first impressions.
Graphics: 10 – The graphics are smooth and clean right to the very pixel. Nothing is wasted on horrible-looking 3-D that too many other DS games suffer from. All of the designs in this game are pretty awesome and stylistic.
Sound: 10 – This game has an AMAZING soundtrack right from the get-go. It really sucks you into the world and brings an awesome element to the gaming experience.
Gameplay: 10 – The gameplay for this one might be TOO good… I’ve never been had as much fun using the DS since playing this game. Not only does it use the touchscreen and control pads to their full extent, it even uses the microphone for certain moves and lets you have the option of using the touchscreen only.

What I particularly mean about “TOO” good is that well… This game is the reason why my screen protector is so completely beaten up XD;
Replay Value: 10 – The battles are fun even if you’re not grinding. After beating the game, you can come back to any chapter at any time, with extras added in. Long after beating the game, it’s still a fun game to come back to.
Overall: 10 – My favorite game on the DS. ’nuff said.

I definitely recommend this for anyone who likes an action-packed hack and slash RPG where you can adjust the difficulty at will, and it looks and sounds gorgeous. For example, I would recommend this to people who like the battles in Oboro Muramasa. TWEWY is just more story and longer playtime, so it’s all the better if you’re in the mood for that.

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