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20th October
written by Splash

Title: Ghosts of Tsushima
Platform: PS5
Genre: Action RPG
Language: English/Japanese
Company: Sucker Punch Productions
Summary: For a company that isn’t Ubisoft, it’s quite funny how much this game really is just an Assassin’s Creed game set in Japan. Since Asscreed is doing a game set in Japan, it’ll surely become a point of direct comparison.
Replay Value:
Overall: While it seems some parts of the gameplay could use some of the boosted QoL that AssCreed series has in its later renditions, I won’t be much of a critic of that since I’m just backseat watching these. As a backseat experience, there’s definitely a LOT more care you can feel about the character development and storytelling for this title compared to an AssCreed title, and I really appreciated that. It leaves me with a much stronger overall impression than any AssCreed title ever did.

Nakapan as the main was a great bonus.~


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