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29th August
written by Splash

Title: Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Platform: Switch
Genre: RPG
Language: Japanese, English
Company: Monolith Soft
Summary: I’ll probably never bother putting up entries for the first two, because neither of those two really left enough of a (positive) impression on me to bother. This one’s pretty decent though.

Also another big case of playing it on PC instead of the Switch adds a TON of QoL, just like with X. The biggest thing that keeps the Xenoblade series back from its “full potential” is Nintendo hardware. :V …but I’ll keep it in the Switch category here.
Replay Value:
Overall: Solid 9/10 with the QoL things that modding brings. TBH it’s only missing a certain umpth that I need in actual 10/10 games to get it there, but it really is a solid, good game in general. 8/10 without.

Also a certain thing in the ending sequences will prevent a 10/10 score. Doesn’t matter if it’s only one picture that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but holllly shit it was absolutely unnecessary. Desecrationnnnnn

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