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26th August
written by Splash

Title: NEO The World Ends With You
Platform: Switch
Genre: Action RPG
Language: Japanese/English
Company: Square Enix
Summary: Long awaited sequel to TWEWY.~ This wait has been quite well worth it. Cleared main story in around 50 hrs, taking my time doing whatever sidequests and such along the way.
Black Cat ensemble and all Secret Reports in 70 hrs. Still some things to do!
Will write more details when I feel like it.

Replay Value:
Overall: 9. There are small parts of me that want to give this the full score, but Switch limitations, aka low FPS, slow loading times, and other performance issues, and a few other minor gripes… lower the score an easy notch. I’m even tempted to go down yet another notch out of my saltiness over the performance issues, but the pluses work hard to outweigh it.

Overall though… definitely not a game to miss. It was well worth the wait, and it’s a little saddening to see the low sale numbers I saw for this (unless digital sales really pulled through? I don’t have the data however.)

Maybe I would’ve had a much better time if I had gotten this on PS4 instead. But Switch still has the advantage of being portable, so *shrug*

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