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2nd October
written by Splash

Title: Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII ライトニング リターンズ ファイナルファンタジーXIII
Platform: PS3
Genre: RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: Square Enix
Summary: Mm, I was originally going to wait on this like I did for XIII-2, but then I saw that the battle system is closer to Type-0… Putting some faith in you here, Squenix!!

I wish foremost that they didn’t call the lowest difficult mode “Easy”, the tiers should start at “Normal” and then “Hard” and then something like “Insanity” for the unlockable.
Characters: It took me forever to warm up to the characters in the original 13, but by the end of 13 I wanted to hug them all… XD; I read another review that said it took too long to get to this point, and I’ll agree. But it was still worth it, in a way… orz Hope. That is all.
Gameplay: It took a lot longer than it should’ve to get to this stage in the battle system, but I’m glad it got there ever. XD; It was just that much better. Not quite on the same end as Type-0, but the differences were good in their own way, which I appreciate.
Replay Value:
Overall: 8/10. For all the gameplay improvements compared to the previous games, the fun I had with it, and for wrapping up the long, long journey beautifully. Otsukaresama, Lightning (and Hope).

Also, get this!!! The US release has the Japanese audio available as DLC. It was free for the first couple weeks after release (I made my BF get it even though he may never play it with the JP audio himself =w=), but now it’s probably for a price…regardless worth it in my biased opinion. Because the overload of KajiKaji and Maaya in this game is supreme.

I sucked up and paid full price ($80) for the JP version and got my BF the $60 US version to get the JP dlc free. …A bit pricey really, but overall worthwhile. I want to hug them all…………

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