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25th August
written by Splash

Title: Digimon Savers ~Another Mission~ (デジモンセイバーズ アナザーミッション)
Console: PS2
Genre: RPG (turn-based), Fantasy
Language: Japanese
Company: Bandai Namco
Summary: I loveddddd that it was a Savers game, I just wish they would’ve done MORE!!!!
More detail with my fanart and personal highlights here. This review is my more “objective” view with it (but some of my pro-Savers biases still included)
Story: 8. Plot twists were pretty predictable, but I did appreciate the workings of the Demon Lords they put into this game. And this story provides more DATS involvement, which is great if you felt the anime series didn’t give you enough.
Characters: – I don’t dare myself to rate this OVERALL because the Savers cast is my all-time favorite in Digimon XD; I WILL talk about the exclusive additions for this game though…

Solely on the new characters, I give it a 7. Characterizations are there, but they could all use a little more involvement and depth. At this point, it’s just an appreciation that those involved in creating this game even bothered to involve more characters in the game. Another thing I really liked is having Yuma and Kosaburo and their Digimon as members of the party.
Graphics: 8. For a Digimon PS2 game I didn’t really have many complaints XD; Well, except that the 3D models used for the opening cinematics are just downright scary-looking. XD
Sound: 10. This is easily the strongest part of the game to me. I’m still amazed to this day Sakamoto Hitoshi had a role in the creation of the soundtrack for this game, because it’s totally unlike Digimon to actually get a big name into its music like this. XD; Especially for a low-marketed PS2 game wtf. I can’t help but laugh. But the music shows, it’s really nice. Some of the tracks really make you wonder why the hell they couldn’t bother to use these compositions for the anime itself.
Gameplay: 5. The big downer of the game and it definitely hasn’t aged well over the years lol.
Older bits:
The battle system carries a LOT of potentials, but my biggest complaints are the loading times and some obvious weaknesses.

Loadings times for me would be fixed if I could play PS2 games off an external drive rather than the DVD laser, but I can’t do that on my PS2 model. The game runs terribly slow for me.

Weaknesses would be the utter uselessness of certain evolutions. For one, every Digimon carries Numemon on their evolution line for some crazy stupid reason, while some obviously awesome additions were not part of the evolution lines (ex: DORUmon on Agumon’s line but nothing beyond DORUmon).

Also, boss battles become dead easy with the right availability and combination of item enhancers, and the combination works for EVERY BOSS. It’s not much of a complaint, but I prefer a need for something more creative in order to win battles in general. I’ve seen worse in other games at least (*cough* Arc Rise Fantasia *cough*).

All in all, it will full of the typical half-baked work Digimon tends to put into its games. A small light of hope, yet always a big disappointment in the end. There are still parts about it to enjoy, but it’s never enough to really set one’s mind to really keep at it.

Newer bits:
Replaying in modern day 2020, even running the emulator at 2x, the game felt slow. xD;;;

Replay Value: 6. Would’ve liked more extras besides a few optional bosses and completing evolution lines.
Overall: 8. CAUTION This score is 100000% filled with my bias towards Digimon Savers. If I have to be completely honest though, as a game in the wild, it gets a 6/10 (thus I’m adding 6/10 to the tags)… aka full skip.

aka I absolutely would NOT recommend this to anyone who is not a diehard Digimon Savers fan, and even if you are a decent fan of it, I would more likely encourage you to just spare your time and just watch my video captures of the cutscenes. XD;

I did a second playthrough in 2020 at 2x speed and it still felt slow to me, lol. I had a lotttt of extra time when I was younger.

I loveddddd that it was a Savers game, I just wish they would’ve done MORE!!!!
More detail with my fanart and personal highlights, video captures of cutscenes here.

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