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19th July
written by Splash

Title: Digimon Digital Monsters Re:Digitize
Platform: PSP
Genre: Monster raising, RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: Bandai Namco
Summary: This title is more pet care than RPG, as I feared.
They pretty much tried to mesh in a bunch of different game elements that WOULD’VE worked just fine, until they added the letdown of Digimon World 1 elements.

Please, I don’t want to press the feed button 20 times in an hour of play, and backtrack everywhere just so the Digimon can take a dump.. -_-;

Miiight get back to this… after Time Travelers. But really not likely. After hearing from other people’s experience, I’m not going to bother.
Yes you can get portapotties, but that doesn’t fix the item usage hassle, and the items are using up all my money. Do not want.

I would’ve enjoyed an enhanced port of the Savers PS2 game a million times more. That game had a much better bone to work with.
Replay Value:
Overall: 6/10. This is my general score for games that aren’t exactly CANCER but ones that can be totally passed without regret. This is exactly one of those.


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