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22nd June
written by Splash

Title: Pokemon Black/White 2 ポケットモンスターブラック2 ポケットモンスターホワイト2
Platform: NDS
Genre: RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: Nintendo
Summary: Lol it’s been over a year since I’ve played a new NDS game. I was hoping for something worthwhile beyond Black/White 2, but once again… disappoint =_= more later~

I’m actually at the big pokemon-on-the-game-cover boss and I don’t feel like grinding up my level 40 pokemon to be able to capture it. So fucking bored of the game. XD;
Gameplay: I totally laugh at the fact that they have to make certain trainers challenge you EVERY TIME you pass them (after refreshing the screen) because they couldn’t just put more trainers around, or balance the game enough so you weren’t grinding ridiculous amounts between gyms.
Replay Value:
Overall: 6. I need to give this a weaker score than Black/White since I expect MORE EPIC out of sequel, not just MORE of the SAME weaknesses I saw out of Black/White. Yes, this game added some more interesting post-game content, but I have really stopped caring since the monster-raising process has become so tedious at this point. Pull out some Pokesav modifier to set up the teams you’d like to battle with in the arenas and post-game stuff, and call it a day. But if I really wanted to take the trouble to do something like that, I’d rather just move on with more interesting games in the first place. So I will. :V

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