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13th September
written by Splash

Title: Pokemon Black/White
Console: NDS
Genre: RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: Nintendo
Summary: You know the drill by now. Seems they’re adding quite a few features to the gameplay this round that I can perhaps put some expectations on. At least enough for famitsu to give it a 40/40.

I’ve now beaten the champion and opened access to the full Pokedex. But…
Story: 6/10. It was weak .____.;
Characters: 7/10. New characters into the mix, nobody really catching me much. Not even N. He looks kind of okay, that’s pretty much it.
Graphics: 8/10. I can’t really say any of the graphics besides the actual Pokemon battle sprites are an IMPROVEMENT more than just a CHANGEUP. Definitely a lot of pixel work put into this one. And animations. Lots of eye candy… that I don’t really care for (battle animations slow down the gameplay and don’t look that great, so I always turn off the extra effects).
Sound: 8/10. Nothing particularly impressive here, but nice overall.
Gameplay: 7/10.
OMG a choice to display kanji or hiragana/katakana. Why not kanji with furigana like the Inazuma games have done from the start :P

These days, I have less time for wasting on mindless level grinding. So when a game comes along that requires a lot of it, it sucks any motivation to complete the game for me. Pokemon Black/White is among them.
So unless you’ve got access to cheats to boost exp (and in my case, extra speed modifiers like instant text scrolling), expect to get caught in a yet another mindless time-leech of the Pokemon franchise. No, I don’t care about people who cry about people who cheat, especially on Pokemon. It’s a fucking video game with no story value, and after 5 generations of the same thing, nothing awe-inspiring in the gameplay either. All I could possibly care for after all that is the postgame battling without wasting the time.

It’s so BRAINLESS I can do it while watching stuff and concentrate on the watching more than the game… But not like that’s a new trend anyway. Btw, I just noticed in my tangents, but I HAVE played all of the main Pokemon games including the remakes, but I got so utterly bored midway on the G/S remakes so that’s the only one I haven’t beaten the champion for. Except for a few of the Pokemon like the electric Zebra and the bird of prey with American colors (basically, the ones that actually look like ANIMALS and not the 80% that look like some kind of bed monster imagined by a 5-yr-old), I don’t care for the new generation. Speaking of 5-yr-olds, why are all of the puzzles and dungeons so freaking easy in this game? I miss things like Silph Co. and Seafoam Islands, even though those were a little too complicated for me back when I was like 10 years old. The “victory road” for this game was like a walk in the park with occasional ants coming to get fried by electric zebra fire. The only thing that makes it hard is the slow exp growth that makes the whole effing game slow in general. Wtf?

The 3-on-3 turntable battle feature is something that somewhat intrigues me, I’ll have to get more into it once (I assume) it becomes more available postgame.
Replay Value: Still need to look into this, but considering I’m not impressed with anything else in the game, I don’t think I’ll enjoy this much either.
Overall: 6/10. This really doesn’t deserve the 40/40 it got from famitsu imo. It’s not a bad game, but even for someone brand new to Pokemon to play this, I can’t imagine this is even as worth it as certain other games out there.


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