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19th April
written by Splash

Console: PS2/PSP
Genre: Otome, Adventure
Language: Japanese
Company: 5pb
Summary: I started this on the PS2 way back in 2009, but didn’t get past the prologue. XD; Partially because my Japanese reading was slow back then, and partially because playing the PS2 is annoying to play in general. I prefer otome games portable~
Story: Following a strange turn of events, you’re forced to join a secret organization; its goal is to reverse the effects of idol men (your targets) who were turned into useless idiots as a result of evildoings from yet another secret organization. Yes, it’s lol. Also, you must abide by 3 rules:
1. Never fall in love with the targets
2. Never show your true colors to the targets
3. Never lose your beauty (lol, the official site has this wrong)

An interesting thing though, each man originates from different countries. Japan, USA, UK, China, France, and UAE (Arab)
Van: Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Jesse: Terashima Takuma
Katoru: Kaji Yuuki – WOW, never thought I could get so fired up for a guy who was raised as a girl all his 16-year life. Must be because of Kajikaji’s voice. It’s hot. XD
Anjelica: Hino Satoshi
Remmy: Miyano Mamoru

I started with Katoru (Kaji Yuuki)’s route the full way, then Luke’s (TAKERU), then jumped all around everyone else except Angelica (Hino Satoshi) which I saved for last. Absolutely zero offense to Hinocchi but his was the only route where I skipped almost all the text >_>; His character just didn’t interest me as much as the rest. Despite that, ironically, Angelica’s is the only one I got SS on all five parts in a single run.

So my order of route favoritism in terms of otome content, having only a little bit to do with how much I love the seiyuu, goes as
1. Katoru
2. Luke
3. Jesse
4. Remmy
5. Van
6. Anjelica

Graphics: 9. The only parts I’m marking this down for are just the everrr so slight dissatisfaction with kissing scenes and whatnot. If there were some I totally couldn’t take my eyes off of, I would’ve pushed this to the 10, but nope. XD; What it REALLY deserves a high score for though… are the outfits. Every main character (the girl trio, which includes “you” + the male target) show up in multiple different outfits for every route. And the girls even have different hairstyles for each route too. I thought that was pretty crazy. It must’ve been a lot of design work for the artist, and I really appreciate it.
Sound: 10. Another huge strong point to this game. The background music is very catchy for the most part, especially the instrumental versions of the character songs. I’m so weirded out that they haven’t released an official OST CD for this game. And of course, every character getting their own awesome character song. These are GOOOOD character songs.~

Special note though, all sub (minor) characters are not voiced on the PSP version. Don’t think they were on the original PS2 version either, anyway.
Gameplay: Sharing strong points with the Vitamin series, you can change characters after any “mission” in the game.
Replay Value:
Overall: 9. More later~

Official Site
Screenshots (spoilers)



  1. Dana

    Would it be too much if I asked you to explain how the missions work? I didn’t even understand how to choose an option there, the mission is a failure every single time -_-

  2. 08/07/2011

    If memory serves me correctly (don’t have the game on hand atm) you using the analog stick and pick a direction for the options and press O to confirm XD

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