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5th June
written by Splash

Title: Renai Banchou Inochi Meishi Koiseyo Otome! Love is Power (恋愛番長 命短し、恋せよ乙女! Love is Power)
Console: PSP
Genre: Otome, Adventure
Language: Japanese
Company: Idea Factory
Summary: You play the heroine who’s never had a relationship and have no idea how it’s like to have one. You hear rumors of the Renai Banchou, someone who can help you learn how to have a relationship and you can find at the school rooftop, so you decide to check them out. The banchou (turns out there’s not just one, but many) greet you warmly and welcome you to try dating any of them for a week so they can teach you how to have a relationship, but what will happen during and after that week…?
Characters: You’re limited to the four characters until you complete one of their routes. More on this later!
Graphics: 10. Also another extremely solid part of this game. The art, interface… all awesome.
Sound: 10. Love it.~
Replay Value:
Overall: 8/10. Even if the game’s published by Idea Factory it might as well go in line with the rest of this artist’s games XD; As usual, you’re free to change characters between chapters. And the music is pretty awesome. Just not too happy with the mandatory dream ending bananza before getting the perfect endings, and actual relationship DEVELOPMENT has been a major lacking…

More later!

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  1. Steve

    I demand an “Are You Alice?” review! Or you know, whatever.

  2. 16/06/2011

    Hmm that one’s on my backlog XD the cast is only half-inticing to me and I read it wasn’t a pure otoge (I did read some of the manga so I figured), so yeah… eventually~ There are other blogs that have reviewed it though~

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