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30th May
written by Splash

Title: Iza, Shutsujin! Koi Ikusa (いざ、出陣!恋戦)
Console: PSP
Genre: Otome
Language: Japanese
Company: QuinRose
Summary: My first time playing a QuinRose game… eh.
Story: I liked the whole sengoku era theme and basing the characters off that. Warping history with bishies, yes!
Characters: Great cast, I went for Kaji Yuuki’s Mitsunari character first.
Graphics: Lots and lots of CGs, but only a few of them are really worth staring at longer than a few seconds imo. :\
Sound: One of the stronger points of this title, I suppose. The music was quite pleasant.
Gameplay: I have a similar problem with this and Otomate’s games, in that you can’t overlap reading modes at all, such as not being able to skip a line during auto mode unless you turn the auto mode off first.

I think my route with Kaji Yuuki with a good ending took me about 2 hours, even without skipping a bit like I usually do on other otoge, and that’s it. Hardly any relationship development and the story felt really half-baked too. So effing short. /hmm
Replay Value: Typical otoge incentives to replay by going through different routes when you make different choices.
Overall: 5/10. Really not all that impressed with my first QuinRose game. Cast selection is great, but all the routes are too short with not enough actual story or relationship development, and it all felt really half-assed. Don’t care for a ton of short scenarios; I need something epic and pounding on my heart for an otoge. D8;

So in the end I only played it for Kaji’s deep voice, which I didn’t even get much of. Not looking good on my record for playing more QuinRose games. There are just so many better titles out there.

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  1. Serena

    :( I was really disappointed with this game… I couldn’t wait for it because I love anything with the Sengoku era, and I was excited to finally get to go after Date Masamune even if it wasn’t the crazy one from Sengoku Basara lol but then I got through the first route and was like, eh, this sucks. I was surprised at the length of this game, too… I mean it’s so short!! If you’ve ever played any of QuinRose’s PC games, they literally make you want to bash your head in they’re so long… (Alice in the Country of Hearts was like what, 700 CGs????? I started Anniversary and it took me like 30 minutes just to get through the prologue… and that’s before you even meet Peter!! >_>)
    Anyways, I’d have to agree with your rating here… 5/10 is pretty generous if anything ;_; sighh. The game was a pretty big let down :'(

  2. 17/06/2011

    @Serena: LOL with everything they do with Sengoku Basara they need to just make an otoge out of it already, I’d totally play it. XD~~
    700 CGs really? Wowwwwww… How many of those are just variations though I wonder XD; Ah but yeah, I miss getting to play a NICE long visual novel that really sucks you in (has only experienced that with BL so far). Since their Alice series is getting a movie, I’ve been wondering if I should just check out the movie or really look into the game before the movie.

    I did read that there are 3 endings to every character for this game, and they’re all rather sweet? But unfortunately I couldn’t care less about having multiple endings if the build-up to any of them aren’t even existent. 5/10 is the worst score I’ve given to any of my reviews here so far, so if it comes out that I readjust for lower scores, I might just do that XD; Thanks for the comment!!

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