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8th February
written by Splash

Title: Gyakuten Kenji 2 (逆転検事2)
Console: NDS
Genre: Mystery, Adventure
Language: Japanese
Company: Capcom
Summary: Small hints of spoilers in the review.
Characters: I came to grow fond of some characters who totally grated on my nerves in earlier cases. It’s probably what they were aiming for.~
Replay Value:
Overall: 10. I played through most of the game thinking there would only be 4 cases but there’s a final 5th in the end, and it’s worth it all. The connections between every case is a little… silly even, but definitely well crafted and makes for a VERY interesting final case.

Another person I watch noted this too, but this game in the series especially makes me go XD;;; at how CONVENIENT their abilities to recall flashbacks are. Sure the cases happen in a short timeframe, but the characters still have some special talent to recall seemingly obscure flashback quotes at the most convenient times to get the cases moving. Whatever, leads are leads, and the story was interesting enough that I didn’t care much about such oddities. XD;

*edit* So I went back to replay this around June 2016, to be more precise the fan translation that people poured tons of work into. It’s REALLY well done. Total props and rec!
In fact, retrospectively, it’s made the game even more lovable, and thus I’ve bumped my score up to the full 10. There’s so much to this game and I feel like the current direction of the Gyakuten Saiban series needs to keep games like this one in perspective in terms of STANDARDS to keep up…!



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