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21st November
written by Splash

Console: PSP
Genre: Otome, Dating Sim
Language: Japanese
Company: D3 Publisher
Summary: I was expecting more of a visual novel system with this title, but it’s actually a lot more like Tokimeki GS. What makes it most different from Tokimeki is…
Story: Follows the usual tradition of high school, you play as a second year.
Graphics: 9. Some very nice art, I must say. >w< ~ I'm only lowering the score because I wanted MOAR of the otome service. XD; Sound: 8. Cast: Hatano Wataru, Takuma Terashima, Miyano Mamoru, Kaji Yuuki, Namikawa Daisuke, Miura Hiroaki, Yasumoto Hiroki, Onosaka Masaya, Kimura Ryouhei
The cast makes it sooooo worth at least one playthrough. /drool
On the music… There’s one track that kinds of annoys me now after hearing it so many times, the one with some guy semi-rapping in the background. But all-in-all the music is nice and catchy. But cheesy.
Gameplay: First otoge I’ve played where you can change the way you address yourself. I used 「俺」. XD Problem is the rest of your speech pattern doesn’t change along with it, so everything else still sounds girly and bleh. XD;;;

I was expecting more of a visual novel system with this title, but it’s actually a lot more like Tokimeki GS. What makes it most different from Tokimeki is that the guys here will advance on you a lot more straightforwardly. Basically after ONE date you can become an official item with the guy. ._.; EVEN if you’re already going out with someone. So I found it a bit odd you can change boyfriends at the flip of a coin even after going out with someone else for half the year. D8; I can’t be that cruel even for a video game but I think it was just an oddly cruel concept in general. XD;

Also, maintaining a boyfriend made me laugh a bit. You basically have to text him at least every other day and stalk him whenever you get a chance, and let him stalk you back, etc etc. And when you get the affection bar high enough, you become a “bakappuru” (idiot couple). XDDDD Once you’re in this range, you’ll occasionally get bubbly scenes where cheesy music comes up and your boyfriend will say all this mushy stuff to you. bacouple.

Like the Tokimemo game, studying for classes is also an important part of the game, but in my first playthrough I ended up maxing my stats long before the school year was over. There are subevents you can find by poking people who you can’t pair up with, and sometimes they’ll help you study. Supposedly, something else happens if you don’t study enough and don’t do well on the tests, and I’ve yet to find out what that is.

But… Nothing particularly exciting ever happens until the very end ORZ

As someone who personally prefers the excitement that comes with the “falling” part of falling in love, this boyfriend maintenance part doesn’t really get to me as much as it does in the Tokimemo GS series. XD

Replay Value: I might want to try a few more of the other guys because their personalities interest me~ Currently on Terashima’s, Mamo’s, perhaps Waccha and Namikawa’s (yes that means I’m not interested in just one guy XD). I’m also interested in the “harem” ending you get by dating every guy and then breaking up with them D:
Overall: 7/10. I’m tentatively giving it this score since I don’t think any of the other routes will impress me much more, and it just takes so LONG. This is also what kind of takes me away from Tokimemo GS as well. The statbuilding micromanagement gets EXTREMELY repetitive and tedious after one route, and the only thing that could carry me on are the voice actors and personalities.
Screenshots later too

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  1. lollipop

    do they have this game with english words … ?
    I really want to play this game … ? Help anyone …?! :<

  2. 24/05/2011

    hontou da!
    The seiyuu casts are really interesting. It’s really tempting.
    To get the guy, even easier =_=
    I feel like two timing the current guy lol :p

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