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30th August
written by Splash

Title: Inazuma Eleven (イナズマイレブン)
Console: NDS
Genre: RPG, Sports
Language: Japanese
Company: Level-5
Summary: Replayed this after a long time to lawl at the differences~ I played this when it first came out in Japan and didn’t think too much of it. And then the anime started, and I thought back then it’d only get to 13 or 26 episodes. And then season 2 and 3 came in… so I decided to replay this finally, and…
Characters: onkei pointed this out at 2 minutes, Kidou’s cape has… sleeves
Gameplay: Game Mechanics:
-You get 3 gameslots. Certainly different from the games afterwards where you only have one~.
-One item per break (timeouts, kickoffs, throw-ins, fouls, etc included)
-Unlike game 2 and 3, only the A, L and R buttons move through dialogue
-No option to make running the default. +_+
Replay Value:
Overall: 8/10. The sequels are a definite HUGE improvement from this one, so much that it’s almost a shame that this ends up being the first impression for those who looked into the series even before it was released like me, but I think for the hardcore Inazuma Eleven fan who starts off on the other games or anime, this still deserves to be played along with its sequels. The European release of this game implements many of the improvements from game 2, which is great, if only they didn’t use such awkward name changes…

Changes from game to anime:
Chapter 1:
-Kabeyama sounds more fat/debu. XD;
-Kurimatsu’s voice wwww
-Endou Daisuke’s notebook is actually legible.
-Lots of face sprite changes, like Endou, Someoka, Aki, Natsumi, Kidou, but interesting ones… Kazemaru’s looks more girlier in this one (he practically has lipstick on)
-Sakuma’s voice (Kishio Daisuke) wwww Genda’s voice (Konishi Katsuyuki) wwww
-Gouenji’s tsunDERE. pbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.

Chapter 2:
-Gouenji keeps calling Endou “nekketsu Captain-san”
-There’s more chemistry between Gouenji and Someoka in this chapter XD; Someoka learns Dragon Tornado from KFC’s Captain.

Chapter 3:
-Lots of things different in this chapter. For starters, Ootani from your classroom describes Domon as “cool” and “too good for the soccer club” lol wut
-Domon is “back from America” and claims to be a fan of Gouenji (plot muse).
-Kabeyama finds a porno book “for the first time”. LOL. While he’s secretly reading it in the club room, he overhears Domon and Fuyukai plotting to use Gouenji’s sister to coax Gouenji into joining Teikoku.
-Domon calls Kabeyama’s role in Inazuma Otoshi uncool. D:
-Kidou wearing Teikoku uniform with the cape on 8D~

Chapter 4:
-Raimon Souchirou (the school chairman) gives you the hidensho for Inazuma One
-More Gouenji/Natsumi interaction. XD
-Lol Teikoku gossiping about Kidou muttering a girl’s name (Haruna of course) right behind his back.
-Mikage Sennou had more background story in the anime, must say.
-Kidou gives Haruna a phone call at the end of the chapter :o

Chapter 5:
-Team Sallys wasn’t in the anime at all. A bunch of old folks, who would want. ^^;
-Everyone except Endou and Gouenji are tricked into eating the food at the maid cafe, which brings down all of their stats to 1 for the game versus Shuuyou Meito. XD
-Shuuyou Meito is terrible in this game. Even after losing against Raimon, they hack into the media to make it seem like they won against Raimon 10-0. Endou foils them with the help of Megane and they hand over evidence of hacking to the authorities. Shuuyou tries to prevent them from leaving with the evidence by offering them “help” since “Raimon is a weak team”. saiaku~~ Endou gives them a soccer speech and that’s the end of that.
-Conversation between Domon and Aki. Mention of Ichinose and Aki’s feelings for Endou are first made apparent here.~ Domon: “I’m not as good of a guy as you think, Aki. Ichinose, what should I do… Ichinose…”

Chapter 6:
-Kidou starts confronting Kageyama~
-Fuyukai puts an actual bomb on the bus. Domon is the one who reveals it. Fuyukai runs off and Domon goes after him.
-Endou and the others first talk to Aida after learning about the legendary Inazuma Eleven still in Raimon Town.
-Kidou calls Haruna again. XD
-The Kidou/Haruna separation happened 6 years ago…
-Kageyama trying to run away from Onigawara… XD
-Kidou/Haruna relationship isn’t quite so warm yet even after the Teikoku match.

Chapter 7:
-More bother to get the OB Team to fight you. You have to chase down three of them in various parts of the town and convince them with Endou brainwashing. buh~
-Endou learns Majin The Hand from the OB Team using Honoo no Kazamidori on him.
-Kidou is missing his cape in the cut-scene? XD

Chapter 8:
-Natsumi and Endou scene following Souichirou’s hospitalization.
-Some early encounters with Senbayama make them appear much more friendlier than in the anime. In the anime they’re just like “oh they think they can win with Kidou on their team now, but they’re WRONG”, but in the game they’re just well-mannered folk with no harsh feelings for their opponent.
-No epic Gouenji/Kidou scene (anime ep 17). XD Hibiki just brings Kidou into the team. The OB team shows Raimon the original Inazuma Break so that Raimon can use it (this doesn’t happen in the anime at all. If anything, only Hibiki joins in Kidou and Gouenji’s break to practice against Endou later). Kidou and Gouenji are so stuck up with each other at first when they practice Inazuma Break. XD; So for a long time, it doesn’t work out…
-「フッ カン違いするな円堂守。キサマらとなれあうつもりは無い。」 (“Hmph, don’t get the wrong idea, Endou Mamoru. I don’t have any intentions of getting along with you guys.”) Game ver. Kidou, you ~~~ Either he’s trying to keep his heart at Teikoku here or he’s just being a typical tsuntsun, but it’s kind of hard to tell with the first game. XD He also thinks he can take down Mugen no Kabe by himself. It isn’t until Hibiki smashes some sense into Kidou (and Endou) that their thinking isn’t much different from Kageyama’s, and that they need to think about the TEAM more, when Kidou finally starts shaping up.
-Not long after leaving Raimon from a dispute with Endou Daisuke, Kageyama joined Teikoku as the number 2 man. Not long after, the chairman for Teikoku passed away and Kageyama took the position.
-The gang goes to visit Gouenji who went to visit Yuuka. Haruna’s already in the room there with Gouenji, and when Kidou hears Haruna going “I know you’re probably blaming Kidou and Teikoku for your sister’s accident…”, he hides. XD;;; Gouenji goes “I’m going to get the championship for Yuuka, not him” and walks out. As Gouenji sees the others outside the room, he goes “You’ve got a good sister.” And Kidou goes “hmph” D8;;;;;
-Endou Daisuke had survived that bus crash, but during his investigation of Kageyama, his sudden death was announced.
-So yeah, Inazuma Break took a lot longer to establish in the game than the anime, where it just happens on a whim without help from the OBs. Hibiki asks what’s motivating the Break-gumi… Gouenji: “I’m going to win for Yuuka’s sake!” Kidou: “I’m… going to surpass the Commander! I don’t need petty tricks, I’ll win with pride!” Endou: “I love soccer! I want to keep playing it with everyone, together!” oi oi. And it works, Inazuma Break is a success after that. XD
-Gouenji and Haruna have a talk about Kidou. pfffffft
-Onigawara used to be a reporter, but he became a detective just for Daisuke TwT~;

Chapter 9:
-Big mental shock for Raimon after encountering Triangle Z, especially on Endou. Natsumi/Aki rivalry scene~ Kazemaru and the first years get scared off after seeing it, but Gouenji brings sense back into them (no soccer ball in the stomach???)
-Was waiting for Ichinose’s arrival, then I remembered he doesn’t appear in the main storyline. TwT;;; So nothing on Nishigaki either. eheh.
-Raimon learns Triple Defense to combat Triangle Z. Doesn’t officially happen in the anime. XD
-Haruna is a fan of Kidokawa Seishuu’s coach Nikaidou. me too~ www
-Kageyama calling Aphrodi Afuro… XD;;;

Chapter 10:
-Aki noticing that she’s not rich like Natsumi or good at gathering info like Haruna… and thus she pulls the onigiri card :D
-The kami no aqua mess is slightly different in the end, but don’t really feel like going over the differences. Same result anyway. RAIMON WINS.


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