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21st August
written by Splash

Title: Cherryblossom (Cherryblossom~チェリーブロッサム~)
Console: PSP
Genre: Shounen-ai, BL
Language: Japanese
Company: Takuyo
Summary: omg, Takuyo did a male x male game!! D8;; But… >_>
Story: Following a classic high school life in an all-male school, one day you receive a text message from a mysterious sender who says he’s been admiring you for quite some time…
Characters: Shimono Hiro as the main lead. I don’t have as much of a complaint that he pretty much acts close to being a girl or just outright neutral (Sawamura’s little sister calls him “onee-chan” at one point), but it’s still a bit awkward. XD; His voice is REALLY different in this game than I would normally expect, too. As in… it was very… darui, in some ways. Like he was purposely trying to change his voice mannerisms altogether for this game. Not sure why, because I definitely prefer his normal voice much, much more. At LEAST he still sounded manly, which is all I cared about it really, but nanka MOTTAINAI
Gameplay: Lack of quick-save features, and you can only save at the end of the week, which got a little frustrating at times.
Replay Value:
Overall: 5/10. omg, Takuyo did a male x male game!! D8;; Of course it’s nothing over the 12+ rating sadly, but still…!!!! MATTEMASHITA
Unfortunately, there was a lot more I could have asked for a Takuyo game in general. Maybe it’s because I haven’t unlocked the extras yet (after finishing a route, it’s not enough to unlock them??), but I didn’t feel much chemistry from the pairing I was trying to go after most. And the confession scene was pretty… lackluster too. XD; It smells of the forbidden-ness that the writers wanted to stay away from keeping the game too gay or something. HITSUYOU NAI NO NI

But unless you have a dying urge for the seiyuu and are really THAT squicky from getting H-scenes, this kind of game would be good for someone new or “transitioning” into BL or something, I guess. Eh.

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  1. mb

    there is a chance to get cherry blossoms on psp translated mybe even eng dub too, but we need to make a reqest its not a petition but i found out
    i dont know the game but it is on yt the jap intro
    and the comany is offering

    they are asking you to make reqests i would like to play it here in the uk so please ask too so will i but i dont know what to do onthere site hope this helps, its also easy to add the website for the game there.

  2. 14/02/2011

    Hmm, well I’d approve of Takuyo games, or shounen-ai/BL games getting brought over, but this game isn’t a very good representation of either category imo xD; I recommend the other games under the Takuyo and BL tags.

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