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6th January
written by Splash

Title: Final Fantasy X and X-2
Console: PS2
Genre: RPG
Company: Square Enix
Characters: 9. I’ve never really grown attached to any Final Fantasy character before this game, but this is possibly the closest I’ve gotten to it. Tidus /love And the other characters aren’t terrible either.
Graphics: 10. For the PS2, I love it. It’s perfect. It’s beautiful. I love how they pan the backgrounds as you wander through the world, it’s very well executed and looks much better than the sloppy angles in FF12.
Sound: 10. Masashi Hamauzu /kis
Gameplay: 9.5. Sooo very close to a 10, but there wasn’t anything that particularly had me addicted to grinding or anything, except possibly the grid sphere, but that’s in all of the major FF’s starting here… so lowering the score. It’s extremely smooth gameplay and heeds to many good classic points of the Final Fantasy franchise.
Replay Value: 7. None really o_o; Unless you’re like me who forgot the experience completely after 5 years and picked it up again.
Overall: 9/10. This is going off my impression of my first playthrough with the US version.

Hate how the trial puzzles hardly follow logic + are just a time-wasting speel of sphere juggling & podium pushing buh…

PS2, PS3

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