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14th April
written by Splash

Title: Pokemon Duel / Co-Master ポケコマ ポケモンコマスター
Platform: Android
Genre: Roulette Board Game
Language: Japanese
Company: The Pokemon Company
Summary: Apr 12, 2016 – Oct 31, 2019. Guess it had a decent 3.5 year run even though I didn’t even log into the game for its last year and half. I kind of wanted to screenshot my collection before the shutdown but didn’t even bother in the end.
Replay Value:
Overall: 6/10. I feel like it was more like 7.5/10 during the first year I played it, thanks to various single-player events. But as they started to move to PvP only, the rating just plummets from there, no matter how many new figures they added in.

RNG is still a terrible part of this game, but what Japanese f2p mobage isn’t >>;

The worst thing about the whole thing is they LITERALLY NEVER UPDATED THE SINGLE-PLAYER STORY SINCE LAUNCH. They had a great plethora of hotels and story to go through at launch, but never updated it. No budget?? Yet they somehow managed to pull through 3.5 years of nothing but new figure releases to show for it. Probably because it’s the Pokemon franchise.

At least it isn’t the disgusting mess that is Inazuma Eleven SD though. Maybe at some point I could go into detail at how much better Duel was than InaSD, but in the end this is still comparing two crappy games meant to die in short term. Lulz

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