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24th September
written by Splash

Title: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ポケモン超不思議のダンジョン
Platform: 3DS
Genre: Dungeon Crawler
Language: Japanese
Company: Spike Chunsoft
Summary: Haven’t played the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (PMD) series since the GBA one and parts of its sequel. Let’s see how far I get with this!

Enjoying pokemon super mystery dungeon a bit more than I thought I would so far, I know ppl on gamefaqs were lamenting that “catching them all” got too easy for their taste, but it’s fine for me. Spare me the mindless grinding & give more reward for time!
Story: 9.5. One of the biggest pluses about this game! It’s a bitttt short but it’s solid. And better than a lot of RPGs I’ve experienced recently, sigh.
Sound: 9. I was pretty doubtful of the music from my impressions of the GBA game, which got sooo repetitive on me after many hours, on top of me not liking the GBA music engine that much in the first place. But people said it was really good, and it is! Definitely broke my expectations in a good way. Just that while it’s good, it’s missing just that ONE element that turns it into the epic spectrum. Usually it’s the fact there’s no real instrument in the soundtrack–it’s all synthesized. So while there are some AMAZING orchestral compositions in there, they execute very poorly because of the lower calibur synthetic sound. Just mildly kills the epic mood where it really counts. Still good music though, and I’m quite comfortable relistening to it in the long-run. Good merit on that.
Gameplay: 9. People were wondering why Revive Seeds are so much cheaper in this game, and there’s a goooood reason for it. By the end game, there are lots of enemies out that can ridiculously one-hit kill you, multiple times over. @.@; I go into most dungeons carrying around 20 Revive Seeds and in the hardest dungeons, I would have just about used every single one, including any extras I picked up inside the dungeon itself. It gets super brutal sometimes. Especially when you get into Monster Houses. There are some good items to deal with those, and Pokemon with entire-room range attacks… But if you just happen to have neither available when you encounter when, you’re pretty screwed.

The challenge is quite welcome considering there’s no super easy way around it like the main Pokemon games where you can just grind a couple hours or something to overpower other players with just a few extra levels. Leveling in SMD has a lot less significance.
Replay Value:
Overall: 9/10.

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