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10th April
written by Splash

Title: Pokemon Shuffle / PokeToru
Platform: 3DS, Android
Genre: Puzzle
Language: Japanese
Company: Nintendo
Summary: People complain about any f2p game if they have in-app purchases… but honestly this was better than rumble world in terms of f2p accessibility. I’ve yet to make a single purchase but I can get everything available with a bit of effort on a daily basis, and not even daily is necessary. All you need to do is farm Meowth stage for coins.

^- At least on the 3DS version. I tried the mobile version for a while, and after seeing how nerfed the Meowth stage, on top of EVERYTHING being more expensive, I’m sticking with the 3DS version. It is, after all, Nintendo’s public intent that their mobile games are a mere extension to get their audience to play the games on their home consoles in the end.
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Leveling priorities!

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