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31st December
written by Splash

Title: Chain Chronicle (Global) チェインクロニクル
Platform: Android
Genre: Action + Tower Defense RPG
Language: English
Company: SEGA (Published by gumi)
Summary: January 2016: RIP Chain Chronicle. I kind of saw it coming ever since lackluster response from v2 tbh, but didn’t think it’d come as fast as it did.
Replay Value:

Early Dec 2014: Started out with Bernadette :3 Got Anjelica not too long after.
Christmas season: Took advantage of higher ultra rare percentages and discounted prysma to roll 2 of the 10+1, got Nimpha on my second roll. Also got Noel, Vorg, Philip
1/21/2015: Picked up a one-time offer to fill up 270 prsyma (I had 230), for less than $12.50, getting me to 500. Nabbed the deal and rolled 10+1. Got Lolleta. :O
11/2015: v2 is fun, now just need the kizuna system built in!!! Wonder what they’ll localize the name to (link system? something else?), or if they’ll just keep it kizuna… xD

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JP Wiki 1
Chinese character wiki

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Characters to keep tabs on:
Ring Gacha character Sword Hunt Thief Rineia (0)

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