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20th April
written by Splash

Title: Tokyo Jungle
Platform: PS3
Genre: Action
Language: English
Company: Crispy’s, SCE Japan Studio
Summary: Got this from the amazing flash weekend 99 cent sale from PSN and super well worth it, lawl.
Replay Value:
Overall: 9.
There are a LOT of good things about this, but going to point out my gripes for now XD;

Biggest thing was the SP (needed to unlock new animals and get items in store) rate in multiplayer is a ridiculous ~0.3 rate. Very unfair when the game is a lot more fun in multiplayer mode. I suppose the developers thought multiplayer was easier and made that “handicap”, but really there’s just a different set of challenges when playing multiplayer, and the SP handicap is a terrible balance.

Another small gripe comes from aiming for attacks–the range for attacking is really small, exacerbated when most animals are small to begin with. Also, me being really picky, I wish there was a different attack symbol used when playing a grazer… because none of the grazers actually use their TEETH to attack, but the attack symbol is a jaw of teeth. A hoof symbol or something could’ve worked–even though not all of the animals have hooves either, at least it’d be much more representative of what they do when they actually attack, generally using their limbs.

Also their polar bears and pandas are just recolored grizzly bears, whyyyy XDDDD The polar bear I mildly understand, but the panda… wow that’s something straight out of polar bear cafe

Still, this is a pure diamond in the rough, overlooked for what all the other bigger developers do. So much to enjoy for this cheap game!! And the main story really sinks into you. I’ll definitely be remembering this one for life.


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