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1st April
written by Splash

Title: Bakumatsu Rock 幕末Rock
Platform: PSP
Genre: Novel, Rhythm
Language: Japanese
Company: Marvelous AQL
Story: Honestly didn’t care much for this, it didn’t keep me on the edge of my seat or anything, and everything was predictable. I just sort of let it run in the background. I do however like the format of how the dialogue went in general. I like the whole comic take on things, it adds a lot of variety to the visual experience (like Arcana Famiglia).
Sound: “What’s this?” is a really catchy song, although all the music in general suffers from bad Engrish…
Gameplay: All four of the right buttons are used, and nothing on the left side which I find to be its fatal difference between itself and UtaPri. I questioned UtaPri’s limit of 3 buttons on the right side and one on the left, but now I clearly see why they did it… UtaPri puts more focus on creating the music rather than trying to keep up with a rhythm and coordinating it with mixed up buttons. And… the latter annoys me. I definitely prefer UtaPri’s style.
Replay Value:
Overall: 6/10. If the rhythm portion of the game had been as enticing as UtaPri, I would’ve liked this series a lot more… But nope. Just another mediocre rhythm game experience partnered with predictable story.

I figure they’re trying to get their own milking of the singing seiyuu franchise out of this, but I can’t see it doing any better than UtaPri. Not by a longshot.
It’ll be nice to have some actual rock music in there when all of UtaPri’s music is super poppy thanks to ElementsGarden, though.


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