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23rd December
written by Splash

Panic Palette Portable

Title: Panic Palette Portable
Console: PSP
Genre: Otome, Adventure
Language: Japanese
Company: Takuyo
Story: Longgggg!!! The way I like it!!! If I hadn’t been fast-forwarding through most of the filler gag and left everything on my auto setting, I think one run through would have been an easy 30+ hours. *see gameplay section for more details* XD Well, unfortunately a LOT of it consisted of filler gag, which was actually funny sometimes, but repetitive during other times. >_> I skipped through a LOT of it just on my first gameplay. Kind of sad because after a certain point, you can easily tell when a section is filler gag or actually essential to the story. But even WITHOUT that crazy filler, there was a lot of good, juicy otome meat to this game.
NOJIMA HIROFUMI… as a SILLY SENSEI (but reliable when it counts)… WITH MEGANE. AND WITHOUT. Hurrrrrr.

Panic Palette Portable

Panic Palette Portable

Other cast includes Nojima Kenji, Chiba Isshin, Kamiya Hiroshi, Sugita Tomokazu, Suzuki Tatsuhisa, Ono Daisuke…~ Good cast indeed.
The protagonist you play as isn’t annoying either. She’s only as active as say the Tokimemo GS protagonists are. As in… you’re in pretty much full control.~ Definite plus.
Nojima Kenji – Naive prince from another world speaking ancient tongue. XD This sample image from the official site of him is really hot o____o And makes the game look R-18, but it’s not AT ALL (…darn).
Panic Palette Portable

Chiba Isshin – You punch him in the gut early in the game (“accidentally”) and he becomes your loyal follower and calls you Ne-san (since you won’t let him call you Anego). XD He mutters a lot but it’s REALLY cute, and the dog ears that pop out sometimes are really cute too:
Panic Palette Portable

Kamiya Hiroshi – 100% Haraguro. XD
Panic Palette Portable

Sugita Tomokazu – A mix of Kyon and possibly Gintoki? XD Mostly Kyon though. Usui sonzai dakara. But he looks better :D (below on the left)
Suzuki Tatsuhisa – I think this guy gets too many silly roles because of his talents with it, but I don’t like that silly voice so much :\ He sounds a little better during his serious scenes in this game, but still not on the level of his usual serious roles that I find so much hotter. bakame wakame~ (below on the right)
Panic Palette Portable

Also notable was Takemoto Eiji as Noru, pretty much your guide for the whole game. He speaks a lottttt.~

Ono Daisuke was… special.

Panic Palette Portable
His dances for you in the girl’s uniform affect your gameplay… lawl.

One of the extras you get for completing the game is… a game menu sound theme of… OnoD MAKING COMPUTER NOISES and reading the titles off stuff. PI PI PI. UAHAHA… MU… it’s freaking kimoi and hilarious. XD;

The two girls are both a bit annoying at first, but they really grow on you. They’re good girls.

If there’s another good thing overall about the characters in this series… It’s that they INTERACT A LOT WITH EACH OTHER. Of course that’s because they’ll be in the same class or the same club. That’s the great part about school life :D
Graphics: I like the artstyle for this game… there’s really not much to say if I like it for an otome game, haha. :) There are times when I think the protagonist’s hair looks like complete plastic though ._o; Such as here:

Masoo Kou

Fortunately, that’s just one of the oddities and most of the other CGs look much better XD
Sound: I dunno how they pack all that into the size of the ISO for this game (1.1gb). I swear it should be at least 1.5gb. It’s AWESOME. The music does get a little repetitive after playing a long time, but then I do miss it when I stop playing. XD
The first and longest half consists of “collecting emotions” (aura) from the people you interact with to fill a bottle, and if you don’t fill the bottle 100% in time to break a certain contract, you’ll supposedly end up getting brought into Nojiken’s world with no return. Anyway, if you succeed in filling the bottle before the contract deadline, you’ll enter your target character’s route, which brings you to the second half. While the second half isn’t as long as the emotions collecting, it’s still rather long and that’s where the story really starts moving around~

*SLIGHT SPOILERS* Okay, by now I’ve been through most of the character routes, and I found out I got pretty lucky by actually succeeding in getting Masoo-sensei’s route on my first try rofl. If you fail to fill the bottle before the contract deadline, you’ll get the first “bad ending” and a bonus option to start off games with some aura in stock. An easy way to get this bonus while proceeding with one route would be to save on the night right before you mix aura to fill your bottle completely, then proceed without filling the bottle. You’ll get the bad end, but you can still go back to the save and then fill the bottle to move on. Or of course, you can purposely not try filling the bottle for the whole first half. XD

If you don’t get enough affection points with whoever’s route you end up with, you’ll get the second “bad ending” and a bonus option to see how your choices affect each character’s affection points. I personally had a lot of trouble getting Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s character ending, so he might be a good target to purposely get the second bad ending, haha. */SLIGHT SPOILERS*

Replay Value: Not so much replay as there is… a lot of stuff to do after finishing the first route. Another PS2 to PSP port. I believe most of the omake section was added exclusively to the PSP, probably releases of previous drama cds from the sounds of it. I’m pretty overwhelmed by the extra hours they added in the omake section alone. Of course, most of it’s gag, but the seiyuu goodness is all it’s for anyway~~
Overall: 10. 100% bias on Nojima Hirofumi. XD
Aside from the Tokimeki Memorial GS games, this has to be the best otome game I’ve played so far in terms of capturing my heart. owo; It’s long enough that you can actually grow attached to the characters quite a bit, it doesn’t get too emo (probably because there’s so much gag mixed into it), and it’s just NICE.
Total bias for Noji-nii, of course. yori ni yotte… and of all things, he’s the silly sensei type I tend to fetish after. oi oi~~~. By the end of the long ride, I was thoroughly enjoying myself wayyy more than I should at my age (seriously, playing a 15-year-old girl when you’re 23 irl and going after a 24-year-old)… enjoying as in bawling at the doramatic moments and bawling in happiness TwT~~~~ at the happy ending, and it was so worth it. Ahaha.
Thinking of going after Sugitan or Chiba Isshin’s characters next. XD; Also curious about Kamiya’s and even the other two routes a bit, haha.

Sugitan’s route did end up being my next favorite, but unfortunately along with Tattsun’s, it was shorter than the rest of the younger boys. I thought I’d get more into Chiba Isshin’s but I ended up brushing past a lot of it, along with Kamiyan’s. Still haven’t gotten to Nojiken despite him being the “main” guy of the game, lol.

More screencaps (SPOILERS mostly of Masoo-sensei because… XD I’ve got blank spots on some edges, but I’ll fix them later when my analog actually works correctly. :\)
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  1. Petshop

    LOL Omg that looks interesting XD;;; I don’t know how you find the time. Someday I WILL find your secret time-turner.

  2. fill

    lollllll onoD /laughing nonstop

    /rofling endlessly

    that pic, that pic is a MASTERPIECE XDDDDD whyyyy can’t i go after that hilarious onoD? *sobs

  3. 05/05/2010

    XDDD I dunno what the story would turn into if you could really go after OnoD hahahahahaha~ He does have a big role in the game though, and he has REALLY quirky personality so it’s definitely worth it xD

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