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20th August
written by Splash

Title: Battle Princess of Arcadias アルカディアスの戦姫 (Arcadias no Ikusahime)
Platform: PS3
Genre: Action RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: Nippon Ichi
Story: The King of the kingdom has turned into a goose thanks to a curse, but he’s taking it easy… The main character is the Battle Princess, and there’s more to her than just being a peppy battle princess. Of course.
Characters: Fun variety of playable characters, and after some point you’ll get characters who can actually share weapon types, but only certain weapons. Yay.
Graphics: The art is so effing cute. I was a bit nervous after seeing the PVs that the motions would be awkward… but it turns out it’s because just the archer moves awkwardly. The other characters are fine!!
Sound: I played Blue Roses 3 years ago yet I was able to recognize the composer’s style after so long… it’s pretty darn distinct. XD; I love that the first press of the game comes with the soundtrack. It’s pretty nice music.
Gameplay: Although there are a lot of playable characters, doesn’t seem to be much motivation to equally level the characters through the story, or even to get platinum trophy. It might happen anyway though.
Replay Value: Hard mode for a 2nd play is unlocked after beating all 6 floors of the extra dungeon post-story.
Overall: 8/10. A good single-player game in terms of fast-paced hack-and-slash/combo action, but I wish there was SOME kind of multiplayer option, and longer mob battles/boss battles. Seems longer mobs come after the main story in the extra dungeon at least, but nothing in there applies to the trophies in the game. I’d rather have that than the “get S rank in all stages” trophy that doesn’t have anything to do with the extra dungeon. Many of the stages outside the extra dungeon aren’t that exciting. xD;

Also still strange crash bugs that weren’t fixed even in a 1.01 patch…

I was under the impression that ALL the characters on the cover were playable, but actually 4 of them are story characters instead.


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