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20th August
written by Splash

Title: Danball Senki Wars ダンボール戦機ウォーズ
Platform: 3DS
Genre: Strategy + Action RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: Level-5, tri-Ace (development)
Summary: Bummed about the one month delay… Was fine waiting for it.
I will also be forever bummed that they’ve moved off the Vita altogether. 3DS graphics are so inferior to it.
But yeah… my bottom line if the rest of the review is tl;dr… DANBALL SENKI AND DANBALL SENKI W ARE BETTER.
Graphics: I will also be forever bummed that they’ve moved off the Vita altogether. 3DS graphics are so inferior to it.
Sound: 10. Brilliant music as usual, Kondou Rei. Now if only the soundtrack releases were actually COMPLETE and not just partial compilations…
Gameplay: Biggest suffering part of the game. More into this later.
Replay Value:
Overall: Tentative 8/10. This is a generous upping from a lower score solely because of the improvements to the battle part of gameplay. Post-story experience should be fine.
After the legacy the original Danball Senki title left with me in terms of EXPERIENCE, this is such a watered-down disappointment.
Considering the whole concept is Little Battlers eXperience… EXPERIENCE… I don’t know how they possibly thought this would be an innovative turn.
I hate to do this but there aren’t many things that could change my rating for this.

Many parts were “improved” in the action part of the gameplay, yes. It would’ve been cool if they had done those improvements for another Danball Senki/W type of game. But instead they’ve decided to add a mediocre RTS system to the whole thing that only makes everything take longer to get to the juicy parts. I especially don’t appreciate how the game is designed to FORCE you through dozens of filler battles to work through the storyline (taking over territories). There’s no way around them, worst part…

Might go more into specifics later. In general though, the filler nonsense has killed most of my interest in this specific title. I wouldn’t give up on DanSen in general just because of this, but this turn was a huge blow to the name. My expectations were not answered whatsoever.

Tri-Ace, I’m disappointed…!!

I feel like Pres Hino himself recognized this major flaw (too late) and that’s why DanSen is on the backburner now. He just didn’t cover it in depth for this interview since Inazuma was always bigger than DanSen in the first place. We’ll see if it can make a comeback.



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