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6th August
written by Splash

Title: Gyakuten Saiban 5 / Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies 逆転裁判5
Platform: 3DS
Genre: Mystery, Adventure
Language: Japanese
Company: Capcom
Summary: Completed all except the extra Quiz section, which I will slowly progress through for sure, since I had to pay DLC for it… :> But definitely a good addition to the series, and I can only hope for more in the future! Long live Ace Attorney!
Replay Value:
Overall: 10!! Not only does it keep up the spirit of the previous titles, I’m once amazed at how everything ties together in the end. I do kind of think the ending was a tinnnny bit unexplained for my taste, but considering how it was set up to be, I can’t really say how I would change it anyway.

I’ll also admit this score includes my utter satisfaction for the DLC case that was 400 yen for a limited time (instead of 800), which was practically the longest case in the game! And it involves orcas and penguins!!! I love it!!! (Heard it was $6 in the US release, good compromise? XD It’s still very worth it at that price.)

First week sales:
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies 250,216



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  1. 11/04/2014

    I would have been happier with a little less Athena/Apollo (dunno their Japanese names. Odoroki and…something?) and a little more Phoenix, but it was a great comeback for the series nevertheless. Looking forward to the next one!

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