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25th August
written by Splash

Title: Lamento ~Beyond the Void~ (ラメント ビヨンド ザ ヴォイド)
Console: PC
Genre: Visual Novel, BL, R-18
Language: Japanese
Company: Nitro+CHiRAL
Story: 9.5 – This game suffers from a VERY slow start, in which you may spend hours just wandering around your home and getting to know your home village, which doesn’t have very much in the first place. When the plot finally starts rolling in, at least things get better. And WOW the details in the writing for this VN are very special. And long. The R-18 scenes are nice too. Of course. /drool
Characters: 10 – Well, games like this are always a hit or miss depending if you grow to like certain characters or not. I sure did. Considering the entire story takes place in an alternate reality, the same societal norms can’t be applied to the characters here. In which case, GOOD because my favorite character would never survive in the world as we normally know it, hahaha.
Graphics: 10 – The backgrounds use pre-rendered 3-D environments, which might look a little awkward in the beginning, but eventually I can’t help but admire them anyway. The character art is of course wonderful. Again, their movements across the screen are awkward to see in the beginning, but once you’re accustomed to them, that’s that.
Sound: 10 – This game continues to have my favorite soundtrack for any visual novel. It literally sucked me into the world of Lamento. From battle themes to the main themes, I couldn’t help but be entranced by the music while reading this VN. This is definitely ZiZZ Studio’s best work thus far.
Gameplay: 10 – There are few choices to be made in this VN, as the focus is to enjoy the atmosphere while reading it. The interface is beautiful, the configurations are extremely customizable, and you’re given plenty of save slots.
Replay Value: 9.5 – This really just depends on how much you personally enjoyed the VN, and I can definitely see myself coming back to it and enjoying it fully once again.
Overall: 10 – /no1

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