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7th October
written by Splash

Title: Digimon Adventure
Platform: PSP
Genre: Monster raising, RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: Bandai Namco
Summary: Finally starting this.. XD But should I bother to finish…????? Likely not…
Replay Value:

Impressions (will probably organize this later, just rambling for now):
-Ugh, default is walking instead of running. In this age of RPGs, no one wants to continuously hold down a button to run. :V I don’t know why they didn’t consider this whatsoever, very unlike Bamco. Must’ve been some real old school development team full of people who don’t play other games =3=;;
-Opened the extra dungeon option, but not getting motivated to do any of it. It’s all feeling kind of repetitive already… will I ever get through this??? lol.

Other than this, it’s not a bad game, but nothing new or exciting enough to really make it stand out compared to just rewatching the original anime or something instead. I’ve really grown out of turn-based RPGs, and with no exception even here.


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