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13th December
written by Splash

Title: Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone Neppuu/Raimei
イナズマイレブンGO2 クロノ・ストーン [ライメイ] イナズマイレブンGO2 クロノ・ストーン [ネップウ]
Console: 3DS
Genre: Super-dimensional soccer RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: LEVEL-5
Summary: Beat main story on Neppuu at 25 hours, Team level 44~ Will play through Raimei when I get through a long backlog of other things. XD;
Replay Value:
Overall: 10/10. I base this score on gameplay improvements, addition of Armed and Mixi-Max to the battle system, bringing back lots of the DS characters, other small gameplay improvements, and just overall replay value. The first GO game left quite a bit left to be desired, and it got fixed up in Chrono Stone, and more. It can only get even better from here, I’m sure.

Game mechanic changes:
-Buu, the analog stick doesn’t move along dialogue anymore. At least the left arrow pad does in its stead, but I preferred the analog stick.
-Seems they went back to using 2-d portraits more often than the 3-d models, which I’m glad for. Definitely prefer the 2-d. Also, there are a lot more character sprites on-screen at any time anyway, so it only makes sense to use the 2-d portraits instead of the 3-d ones which cover most of the screen. I also noticed in the original GO game, the 2-d portraits during the story were TINY, but they’ve fixed the size this time.

-“Power” numbers visible with every move now. A little distracting, but an interesting addition nonetheless.
-Natural GP/TP recovery…! Assuming it’s faster on bench then out in the playing field, but it happens on both.
-They fixed what was most terrible in the original GO game. Replays can be skipped with a simple tap.
-Goalkeeper moves can be skipped in free battles now. As well as Avatars and all their moves, etc. Basically anything with a scene cut. Finally!!
-Moves can be skipped in extra tournaments as well. Yessss.
-Left or right at each player mark instead of the dodge/breakthrough options. It also makes story matches much longer. They don’t impact free battles/extra matches as much since everything else can be skipped.
-Time passing is set for each move made regardless of whether you watch the scene cut or skip it. In the previous games, they made it a “tip” to skip the scenes for free battles to save time if you needed to. But honestly, I prefer this new way. Yay~
-When Avatar or Miximax occurs, the other side is given the opportunity to let out an Avatar or Miximax at the same time.
-The whistle for end of first and second half comes exactly at 15:00 or 30:00 (or as soon as a cut scene is done within that range) unless there are actual fouls, then there is some extra time.
-At start of second half, waiting countdown for Avatar/Miximax/etc is carried over from first half instead of reset.
-Player icons on map that you can challenge (VS pops up when you approach them), can be challenged multiple times in a row instead of having to fight other player icons.

more later~

1st week sales:
Inazuma Eleven: 41,474
Inazuma Eleven 2: 280,597
Inazuma Eleven 3: 505,161
Inazuma Eleven 3 Ogre: 175,604
Inazuma Eleven GO Shine/Dark: 135,259
Inazuma Eleven GO 2 Neppuu/Raimei: 168,179
Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy Big Bang/Supernova: 91,643

Title: Inazuma Eleven GO2 Chrono Stone Raimei
イナズマイレブンGO2 クロノ・ストーン [ライメイ]

Released: December 13, 2012
Buy Inazuma Eleven GO2 Chrono Stone Raimei at
Also available at CDJapan and YesAsia

Title: Inazuma Eleven GO2 Chrono Stone Neppuu
イナズマイレブンGO2 クロノ・ストーン [ネップウ]

Released: December 13, 2012
Buy Inazuma Eleven GO2 Chrono Stone Neppuu at
Also available at CDJapan and YesAsia



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