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9th August
written by Splash

Title: Solatorobo: Sore kara Coda e (ソラトロボ) それからCODAへ
Platform: NDS
Genre: Action RPG
Language: Japanese
Company: Bandai Namco
Summary: Very much backlogged game I finally decided to start up when I had nostalgia for the DS… Just started the second half, but not much to say yet. xD
Replay Value:
Overall: A lot of the critiques on this game say that it was too easy, which I would fairly agree with. A majority of the enemies are no-brainer a-button mash kills. I did struggle with a few bosses along the storyline and even came close to dying, but it was mostly because of my clumsy work with the jump controls, and I never actually died.

Critiques were also emphasizing that the first half of the storyline is very boring, but the second half is fairly interesting.

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