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25th July
written by Splash

Title: Gekka Ryouran Romance 月華繚乱ロマンス
Platform: PSP
Genre: Otome
Language: Japanese
Company: REJET, Idea Factory
Summary: hints at spoilers~
Story: The whole premise of the game is to experience scandalous types of romance with the boy (or girl…) you get involved with (the game calls it Kindan/Prohibited), as you end up with a huge debt that you need to pay off by attending the school’s eccentric Date Club (yes, it’s pretty messed up but not too different from something like Ouran when you really look at it).
Characters: Terashima Takuma (yandere prince)
Takahashi Naozumi (megane doS – Rejet must REALLY like using him in their games)
Hirata Hiroaki (school doctor)
Kishio Daisuke (cool shota)
Saiga Mitsuki (female)
Hino Satoshi (brother)

I’m terrible and went for the brother’s route first. And while some part in the back of my mind said it might turn out THAT way (a cop-out, basically), it was totally awesome until it really did go that way. I should have taken the hint when the site character introduction says that he’s Onii-chan “teki”. But oh well, it was still pretty scandalous. XD
Replay Value:
Overall: 7.
Scandalous indeed~ And imo one of those games I honestly wish was even R-18, LOL. There are even scenes described like Terashima’s character putting his hand down a girl’s skirt, and in the route I finished, Hinocchi’s character comes out wearing only his boxers after an obviously good time with your character. It’s like… if you’re going to put in scenes like that in the first place, give us all the dirty details of what happens in between, kthx XDDDD

Official Site
Screenshots (just a few, mostly of half-nekkid hinocchi chara XD)


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