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21st June
written by Splash

Title: Black Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare- ブラック ウルヴス サーガ Bloody Nightmare
Platform: PC
Genre: Otome, Visual Novel
Language: Japanese
Company: REJET
Summary: Mitsuda Yasunori and Procyon Studio’s amazing music in an otome game. My mind is blown already D8;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Cleared Julian’s true ending and working around towards completing the CGs.
Story: 9. It is VERY interesting to me! I like how they unfold the past at the right moments, and that the scenes aren’t excruciatingly long. However, a lot of the storytelling does not seem to be particularly unique to each character’s route except at the shorter 2nd half, so a LOT of jumping needs to be done unless you want to see those long sections all over again.
Characters: For reference, the j’s in the names here are pronounced as y’s, and Auger’s g is a soft g (romaji- Meyooyo, Ooje, Yurian)
Rath Vogart – Kaji Yuuki
Mejojo von Garibaldi – Sakurai Takahiro
Auger von Garibaldi – Yoshino Hiroyuki
Nesso Galland – Miki Shinichirou
Zara Sheens – Ishida Akira
Arles V Felnoir – Morikawa Toshiyuki
Guillan Guinor – Taniyama Kishou
Julian – Hosoya Yoshimasa
Pearl/Richie – Okamoto Nobuhiko/Shimono Hiro
Elza Clifford – Kishio Daisuke

I’m interested in just about every character D8;; Okay tbh I intend to force-skip through Zara and Arles routes just to complete the CGs.

Potential choice order, might change depending on how they swoon me as I play XDDDD;
Julian, Nesso, Auger, Rath, Elza, Mejojo (sorry, I’mma make you suffer, you tyrant), everyone else, Guillan~

I really wanted to push Guillan (Taniyama) up since I love his voice, but I’m not much for doS insane maniacs ._o; he doesn’t seem nearly as bad when you join the wolves, which could be a good sign. I’m actually somewhat interested to see if his route is any interesting, so I’m saving him for last.

Actually ended up trying to get Rath’s after Julian, but I must be missing something because it’s not going to the last choice in the route that I see in walkthroughs. I’ll try after clearing one of the tyrannical cats (Auger~~)
Graphics: 10. I LOVE the art style although it took a slight moment to get used to it. I keep hoping for just THAT CG to give me a forever-lasting impression but it hasn’t come yet.

However, the lip movements for the characters is exceptionally well done for this game, I would like to hope it sets a standard for future otoge/visual novels.
Sound: 10. Total bias for Mitsuda Yasunori and Procyon Studio. /love But seriously, it’s beautiful. There aren’t that many tracks, so a lot of it repeats, yet I can’t stop awing at how soothing or wonderfully dramatic it is in the right spots. This is the stuff visual novels need.
Gameplay: 9. Although the art for the main girl is really pretty, I still turned off her portrait a little after the first choice. ^^;

Choices are so obvious, the story basically forces you to pair up with someone and you just pick who that someone is. Which is easier to enjoy, but also easier to end up in cliche situations which isn’t as heart-taking. It also ends up making the routes less unique since basically all you’re doing is asking someone else to dance with you here and there, or cross a bridge with you. The rest of the story tends to be the same up until the end.

Controls are a definite plus. It was easy enough for me to find a right pace for text and auto to work at a comfortable pace, and I definitely appreciate being able to turn off the heroine’s portrait.
Replay Value:
Overall: 9. More details later. As impressive this is as a light novel, my current score for this is lack of totally heart-clenching otome material, and for lack of unique routes. But this is STILL an amazing game that I would highly recommend playing through multiple routes!

I end up comparing this game to Lamento quite a bit because Lamento was my first visual novel experience, and both games have catboys and amazing music. XD

I look forward to Last Hope, which seems to have more focus on Rath (and I hope Elza available as a pairing? 8D~). But in all honesty I really want more Julian~~ Not likely since his true ending was in this Bloody Nightmare already. BUT I STILL WANT MORE /drool

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