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18th June
written by Splash

Title: Kaeru Batake de Tsukamaete Portable [カエル畑DEつかまえて☆彡ポータブル]
Kaeru Batake de Tsukamaete: Natsu Senbokuryou Sansen Portable [カエル畑DEつかまえて·夏 千木良参戦! ぽーたぶる]
Console: PSP
Genre: Otome
Language: Japanese
Company: Takuyo
Hamura Mukuto (Sugiyama Noriaki)
Kuga Masaomi (Kishio Daisuke)
Hirose Yuuki (Irino Miyu)
Norizuki Rin (Yonaga Tsubasa)
Maibara Masaki (Madono Matsuaki)
Togami Akimori (Konishi Katsuyuki)
Chigira Takumi (Okamoto Hiroshi)

Went with Kuga first~ While his shyness and stuttering moe’d the heck out of me, I was hoping for more drama of sorts in his route. It was a somewhat anti-climatic ending, even though I still liked it overall. Still, I love his outfit change for the fandisc.

Not so sure if I’ll be any more satisfied with the other routes, but I hope to get to them eventually…~

Yonaga’s voice got so much lower in the fandisc. XD; Irino sounds more like the Irino I’m used to in the fandisc as well. Err, in general I find the fandisc sound quality to be better, dunno if that has anything to do with the PSP porting or if the PS2 version was like that too.

More later~~

Graphics: The CG art in the first game has a lot of AWKWARD XD; The CG art in the fandisc is a lot nicer.
Gameplay: The game is actually a lot like Panic Palette where the first half focuses more on mini-games while the 2nd half dives into your target character. The eco-club mini-game is HARD. It took me a long time to get used to, because you have to factor in twice as many items as I’m used to and there are 4 options… but EVENTUALLY I was able to get perfect scores on the middle level of difficulty, which was more than enough to get me through with the extra tools I got after a bad first run-through XD
Replay Value:
Overall: 8. I’m going to be generous right now and give it this score, mostly for the full selection of characters I’m interested in even though I haven’t been through their routes yet, with the combination of the unique personality of the girl for this game.
This particular set of boys seems to be a bit excessive of types with specific “fronts” that your character breaks through in order to get through their heart. That’s true for ANY guy in otoge but I really felt it in particular for this title. XD Maybe because the setting is more “normal everyday” school life compared to Takuyo’s other games where there are usually more abnormal elements to the plot. Okay yes, the frog youkai curse in this title is abnormal, but you don’t really feel that until the end because you spend all the time just doing club activities anyway. XD

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Official site (natsu)


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